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Amish Proverb About Finishing Projects

Jayca Pike 03/09/2014

Amish Proverb Amish proverbs are appealing in their simplicity. Quick and matter of fact, these doses of wisdom are powerful. The Amish use them as teaching tools for the young, folding moral lessons within them. Amish proverbs help us understand the Amish way of life. They can be serous, faith-based or humorous. We’ve witnessed Amish woodworkers at work in their shops and the half done is far from done proverb certainly applies. Each woodshop is… Amish Proverb About Finishing Projects

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The Amish of Pinecraft

Jim Miller 04/12/2013

Amish of Pinecraft This blog post was updated on June 6, 2019. Pinecraft is a neighborhood of about 3000 Amish and Mennonites in Sarasota, Florida.  It’s a tourist destination for Amish and Mennonites from all over North America, in addition to being a point of curiosity for other visitors to Sarasota who might do a double-take when they see an Amish boy roller-blading down Bahia Vista Street or several Amish teenagers walking back from the… The Amish of Pinecraft

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