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Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Beth Rice 05/09/2019

My parents adopted my sister and me when they were in their mid-forties, and my grandfather O’Connor was the only grandparent I really remember from my childhood. My grandfather died when I was 8. My fondest memory of my Grandpa was this: catching sight of him walking on my way home from school on the days he came over for lunch. I walked to and from school every day. It seemed like it was 20… Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

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A Very Merry August Amish Gift Guide

Beth Rice 15/08/2019

My father-in-law is a great guy—a good man. He’s 91 years old and still swims, bikes and goes to the gym. Oh, and one other thing…he’s impossible to buy a gift for. Dad doesn’t want any gifts he doesn’t truly need or he won’t use. Over the years, pretty much everything we’ve bought Dad has gone back. (We’ve gotten much better about saving receipts and just taping them to the box.) When Christmas comes around… A Very Merry August Amish Gift Guide

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Happy National Lighthouse Day

Beth Rice 01/08/2019

National Lighthouse Day is celebrated every year on August 7. Lighthouses are a symbol of safety, and this day celebrates the guiding light they have provided for centuries from our shorelines. Lighthouses are structures that give off light from a system of lamps and lenses that are used to navigate those at sea or on inland waterways. According to the Lighthouse Directory, there are more than 18,600 lighthouses worldwide. On August 7, 1789, the Federal… Happy National Lighthouse Day

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The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

Beth Rice 13/06/2019

What’s the best advice your dad ever gave you? Have you shared his wisdom with someone else yet? What story did he tell you, or what memory of him sticks out in your mind? Yes, Father’s Day has come around again and has us thinking about dads. Dads, grandfathers, stepdads, fathers-in-law and all of them, and we’ve rounded up some good “dad advice.” Hope you’ll add yours to this list at the bottom. It might… The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

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Handmade Gifts We Made for Mom

Beth Rice 09/05/2019

Handmade gifts are special. Knowing someone put in the thought, time and effort to create something carries some weight . With Mother’s Day in mind, I asked the DutchCrafters staff to share some of the handmade Mother’s Day gifts they remember making, but first, let’s start with you. I would LOVE to hear and share yours. What handmade gifts did you make your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day? Do you remember her reaction? Does… Handmade Gifts We Made for Mom

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Stories of Love (With Furniture in Them)

Beth Rice 14/02/2019

Why do we love our furniture? Yes, the styles can be exciting, and the purpose furniture serves is clear. But why do we fall in love with pieces over time? How and why does that happen? Maybe you remember Nana sitting in her rocker to read to the grandkids. Or maybe you can still clearly see that delicious dinner with the whole family gathered around the table. Maybe you remember how Dad kept telling corny… Stories of Love (With Furniture in Them)

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Recycling Christmas

Beth Rice 20/12/2018

Silent Night, Holy Night, May we all recycle right, For Christmas comes with wrapping that thrills, Let’s keep it out of the nearest landfill, Sort each recyclable piece, Sort each and every piece. With holiday time comes giftwrap, packages, bows, dinnerware, ornaments and cards. Among these materials are some great, and some not so great, opportunities to recycle. While we’re making strides to recycle as much as we can, there are questions that come up about… Recycling Christmas

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Christmas Gift Book List

Beth Rice 06/12/2018

With so many great books out there and so little time, too many titles just pass us by. With a shared love for reading, a small group of us here at DutchCrafters formed a book club called Books Without Veneers, a take on Work Without Veneers, which represents for our company commitment to authentic, solid work of substance. Books Without Veneers is determined not to let all those great books get away. Each title we… Christmas Gift Book List

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10 DIY Christmas Crafts

Milca Rivera 29/11/2018

It’s that time of year again: “There’ll be parties for hosting Marshmallows for toasting And caroling out in the snow…” For me, the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” also means that it’s time to get crafty. Last year I shared some easy holiday DIY decor ideas with you. This year, I’m sharing more involved (but super-fun and rewarding) projects that caught my attention while searching the Internet for ideas that could fit in with the… 10 DIY Christmas Crafts

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Planning a Grazing Table this Holiday Season?

Beth Rice 22/11/2018

The Grazing Table Craze These days it’s the grazing table that’s at the center of dinner party mingling. Just as much fun as the sit-down dinner, grazing tables offer a variety of delicious delectables arranged with props. They add decoration to your party and define your signature style. A tantalizing grazing table by What is a Grazing Table? Roman and medieval feasts involved spreading out the finest fare on tables for consumption, so the… Planning a Grazing Table this Holiday Season?

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Ways to Use Your Pumpkins When Halloween Is Over

Beth Rice 01/11/2018

You’ve picked out the perfect Halloween pumpkins. After cleaning out and carving or painting some beauties those bulbous orange babes looked great. Now Halloween is over, but don’t dare throw those pumpkins out because…… We’ve got exciting news. There are plenty of ways to get even more out of your jack-o-lantern pumpkin now that Halloween is over, and in this day and age of eco-friendly awareness we love the idea of recycling pumpkin material rather… Ways to Use Your Pumpkins When Halloween Is Over

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‘Twas the Reclaimed Night Before Christmas

Beth Rice 21/12/2017

Characters: Pinot: A sensible and upbeat Sliding Barn Door Buffet. Barney: A somewhat cranky Timber Ridge Reclaimed Barn Wood Dining Table. Eave: An Amish Reclaimed Wood Ladderback Chair and Laura Ingalls fanatic. Gable: An Amish Reclaimed Barnwood Bristol Hutch prone to breaking out in song.   The Scene: A Rustic Style Dining Room. Christmas Eve 2017. 11:15 pm. A light snow is falling as a reclaimed dining room set awaits the dawn of Christmas morning.… ‘Twas the Reclaimed Night Before Christmas

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Our Favorite Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Beth Rice 22/11/2017

Whether it’s cutting the first slice of turkey, watching the parade, or reciting a prayer before the meal, Thanksgiving Day traditions are treasured for bringing us together and creating beautiful memories that stay with us. Our DutchCrafters family is sharing some of their favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions. Among them, a cooking contest, some coupon clipping, a double dinner day, and a nutcracker. Kari-Jo Kari-Jo at the French Country Kitchen Island  “Every year, each person in… Our Favorite Thanksgiving Day Traditions

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