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Amish Wedding Traditions

Beth Rice 28/02/2019

Amish wedding traditions vary from community to community. Traditionally, Amish weddings are held in late fall after harvest time, in November or December. In some communities, Amish weddings are celebrated in the spring since there are so many there would not be enough days to host them if they were all held in the fall. Amish weddings are often planned on Tuesdays or Thursdays. They are not held on Saturdays since the day after the… Amish Wedding Traditions

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5 Ways to Create a Breakfast Nook

Beth Rice 21/02/2019

If you could have a breakfast nook any way you wanted it, what would your cozy set up look like? This is where you can savor your coffee, wear pajamas to breakfast, gather for games, cuddle at a candlelight dinner for two or spread out work projects to name just a few nook activities. If you’ve always dreamed of your own little nook in the corner or by the window, we’re sharing 5 ways to… 5 Ways to Create a Breakfast Nook

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Stories of Love (With Furniture in Them)

Beth Rice 14/02/2019

Why do we love our furniture? Yes, the styles can be exciting, and the purpose furniture serves is clear. But why do we fall in love with pieces over time? How and why does that happen? Maybe you remember Nana sitting in her rocker to read to the grandkids. Or maybe you can still clearly see that delicious dinner with the whole family gathered around the table. Maybe you remember how Dad kept telling corny… Stories of Love (With Furniture in Them)

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