5 Ways to Create a Breakfast Nook

Beth Rice 21/02/2019

If you could have a breakfast nook any way you wanted it, what would your cozy set up look like?

This is where you can savor your coffee, wear pajamas to breakfast, gather for games, cuddle at a candlelight dinner for two or spread out work projects to name just a few nook activities.

If you’ve always dreamed of your own little nook in the corner or by the window, we’re sharing 5 ways to create your own along with a customizable trestle table nook set that can fit any space.

Cozy, Comfy and Pretty—the Original Breakfast Nook

Originally, breakfast nooks were located just off the kitchen, often with windows on three walls to let in lots of natural light. They included a small table with benches or chairs and provided room for 2-6 people. Their compact composition earned them the name “nook.”

Today there are no strict rules for nook designs. They often share some part of the kitchen and are like a mini dining room without being separate. Their main goal is to offer a gathering spot that’s inviting and comfortable.

The 3 Main Types of Nooks

Built-In Seating:

  • Classic look
  • Includes one bench against a wall
  • Rectangular shape


  • No permanent tables or seating
  • Furniture is set up near a window for access to
    some natural light
  • Versatile and welcoming for oval or round tables


  • Similar to built-in seating but they are more
    defined with a three-sided seating arrangement that can include shelves,
    bookcases and storage.

If you’ve dismissed a nook in the past because you don’t have enough room, you have too much room, or there’s just no way it will fit or look right, here are 5 ideas to consider.

A Nook with a High Back

Maybe you have a spacious kitchen and wish for your cozy nook area to be separated from the work in the kitchen. A high back will create a wall or partition that carves out your special area and keeps the hub-bub of the kitchen separate.

A Booth by the Windows

You’re ahead of the game if your kitchen space includes windows that offer access to natural light. A built-in bench seat is even better. This makes it easy to add a table to create your nook.

Kitchen windows just right for a nook area.
Photo Credit: 4feldco.com
The Amish Kowan Single Pedestal Dining Table is a great shape for a cozy nook.
Add a set of Ashville Ladderback Dining Chairs for a stunning combo.

Put a Corner to Work

You can use that kitchen corner for your nook area. Tuck in a table with chairs or stools for a cozy corner nook.

The contemporary style Amish Irvine Single Pedestal Dining Table tucks nicely into a kitchen corner…..
Amish Kirkland Dining Chair
…..along with a some stylish Kirkland Dining Chairs.

Have Faith in a Small Space

Small pedestal tables are our friends when it comes to creating a nook. Round tables are good choices for nooks set up against walls or for smaller kitchen spaces.

Amish Brooklyn Single Pedestal Dining Table
The Amish Brooklyn Single Pedestal Dining Table is just right for a small space and the pedestal base offers more room for chairs to fit around it.

Put Storage to Work

Adding a nook can be a solution when you need more storage space. Enjoy the best of both worlds with nooks that offer built in storage.

Amish Newport Breakfast Nook Dining Set
The Amish Newport Breakfast Nook Dining Set has storage tucked in here…..
Amish Newport Breakfast Nook Dining Set
and even more here.
Amish Carlisle Self Storing Nook Set
The Amish Durant Self Storing Nook Set offers storage in each bench seat.


If you’ve always wanted a nook but always ask yourself, how can I fit a breakfast nook in my kitchen space—we’ve got the answer for you—customize.

Nook Blog Infographic
The Solid Wood Amish Breakfast Nook Set–a top seller at DutchCrafters.
Solid Wood Amish Breakfast Nook Set
You can go bigger or smaller with a custom nook.

Where will you create your new breakfast nook?

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