5 Log Cabin Essentials

Beth Rice 29/02/2024

There’s something simple and appealing about rustic log furniture. It symbolizes a simpler time and connects us to a feeling of getting away from it all. The richness of the wood and the natural look with knots and imperfections creates a connection to nature. It’s a connection that helps us to disconnect from the pressures of the day and helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you had a log cabin or lake house to furnish for the perfect getaway, what log cabin furniture is essential? Here are our five recommended log cabin essentials.

Rustic Log Bar/Kitchen Island

A rustic log kitchen island is a perfect centerpiece for a log cabin getaway. Serve pre-dinner drinks and snacks. Line the bar with loved ones for a casual dinner. Use the space to prep your favorite foods. This gorgeous bar featured above is made with hickory wood, a popular wood choice for log cabin styles. It’s rugged and outdoorsy and offers strength. Hickory is full of color and can handle heavy use, making it a fine option for wood furniture. When the bark is left on, it creates an even stronger rustic vibe. Some popular wood choices for log furniture in addition to hickory include aspen, rustic pine and red cedar. Aspen will include natural discolorations and streaks. It’s a light and durable wood that resists splitting. Rustic pine showcases light yellow and white colors. There will be knotholes that contribute to its rustic appeal and pine resists wear and tear. Cedar shows off attractive red hues and has natural oils that contribute to its rich cedar scent. In addition, those oils work as a natural bug repellent. Cedar is earthy and calm.

Log Bed

The ultimate relaxation piece for a log cabin, the log bed exudes warmth from every angle. Log beds are appealing with their markings and natural knots creating unique shapes on the log. Calm, inviting, strong and warm, a log bed makes it easy to sleep away the morning and remains a true essential for a mountain home or log cabin.

Log Fireplace

Warm and inviting, a rustic log fireplace adds something special. It’s the perfect spot to gather around with family as you all unplug and engage in conversation away from the daily grind. An electric fireplace cuts out the labor of clean-up and, instead, adds a rich and natural look for the room.

Log Recliner

Ranking as a top activity in a log cabin getaway, is a nap in a log wood recliner. This recliner is rich, rustic and spacious. It’s a casual, natural and relaxed spot with a look that’s not rigid, overdecorated or fancy. It just offers support and comfort at a peaceful place. Even better is to set up a pair or even four of these recliners to create a fine gathering place for family and friends.

Rustic Outdoor Rocker

One of the most peaceful places at a log cabin getaway is the porch. A rustic log outdoor rocker is just perfect for enjoying fresh breezes, sun rises and the sounds of birds and other wildlife. Hickory is a popular wood for outdoor rustic rockers. It’s a durable and flexible wood that is often steam bent and worked into unique shapes by skilled craftsmen. Hickory contains light and dark colors as well as streaks and knots that log furniture is known for.

The following are some bonus log cabin furniture items we just have to mention. A solid choice for gathering the family together for meals, games and morning coffee is a log dining table.

Small, but full of log cabin character is a log end table.

Log coffee tables are a centerpiece for log cabin vibes.

These are our top five picks for log cabin living as well as some additional favorites. There will be imperfections like knots, discolorations and unique shapes in the logs and that’s just how we love to see log furniture displaying its unique one-of-a-kind look.

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