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Let’s Talk Shiplap

Beth Rice 16/05/2019

When it comes to whimsical cottage style and rustic warmth, shiplap is a design element that adds a nice touch. This stylish feature adds depth, looks pretty, and is offered as an upgrade on some of our custom hutches and bookcases here at DutchCrafters. What is Shiplap? Shiplap gets its name from the planks that were used to make boats at one time. Grooves or recesses called rabbets are cut into the wood along the… Let’s Talk Shiplap

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Handmade Gifts We Made for Mom

Beth Rice 09/05/2019

Handmade gifts are special. Knowing someone put in the thought, time and effort to create something carries some weight . With Mother’s Day in mind, I asked the DutchCrafters staff to share some of the handmade Mother’s Day gifts they remember making, but first, let’s start with you. I would LOVE to hear and share yours. What handmade gifts did you make your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day? Do you remember her reaction? Does… Handmade Gifts We Made for Mom

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What You Need to Know About Walnut Wood

Beth Rice 02/05/2019

Solid wood furniture made with walnut wood is meant to impress and it never falls short of the mark. In the world of custom furniture, walnut wood is a dream as it is easy to work with and finishes beautifully. Want to know more about walnut wood? Let’s take a look at what makes it a luxury. Walnut wood is revered for its rich, dark color. There are many varieties of walnut trees, but just… What You Need to Know About Walnut Wood

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