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Facts About Finished Backs

Beth Rice 17/12/2020

How important is it to have the backs of your wood furniture finished? What is a finished back exactly? And if the back of a piece like a desk is not finished, what the heck does it look like? Is it bare? The finished backs of fine wood furniture are a popular topic of conversation for our furniture specialists here at DutchCrafters. Questions are often raised about what the options are for finished backs, when… Facts About Finished Backs

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Let’s Talk Shiplap

Beth Rice 16/05/2019

When it comes to whimsical cottage style and rustic warmth, shiplap is a design element that adds a nice touch. This stylish feature adds depth, looks pretty, and is offered as an upgrade on some of our custom hutches and bookcases here at DutchCrafters. What is Shiplap? Shiplap gets its name from the planks that were used to make boats at one time. Grooves or recesses called rabbets are cut into the wood along the… Let’s Talk Shiplap

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