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Facts About Finished Backs

Beth Rice 17/12/2020

How important is it to have the backs of your wood furniture finished? What is a finished back exactly? And if the back of a piece like a desk is not finished, what the heck does it look like? Is it bare? The finished backs of fine wood furniture are a popular topic of conversation for our furniture specialists here at DutchCrafters. Questions are often raised about what the options are for finished backs, when… Facts About Finished Backs

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Things to Know About Dust Panels

Beth Rice 10/12/2020

The dust panel. Also called a dust shelf, dust guard or dust board. What does it do? Do you really need it? What does it add to a wood chest or dresser? Let’s take a moment to think of a dresser drawer, sitting strong and quiet, holding your folded clothing, blankets, sweaters and socks. The drawer glides in and out smoothly, providing storage and support. What’s happening every time you open and close the drawer?… Things to Know About Dust Panels

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The History of the Rocking Horse

Beth Rice 03/12/2020

In its prime, the rocking horse raced past other toys to become an envied playroom piece of its time. It was enhanced, improved and made safer over time, with its popularity skyrocketing. Then the rocking horse all but faded away, until waves of nostalgia and a longing for this old fashioned favorite once again took root. Rocking Horse History Toy animals have long been celebrated, and it has been said that the ancient Greek and… The History of the Rocking Horse

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