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Mennonite Furniture vs. Amish Furniture

Jake Smucker 18/11/2021

They wanted to follow Jesus in their own way and refused to serve in the military. They sought a life separate from the culture where they lived in order to speak their own language and continue their way of life. And they were persecuted, imprisoned, and fined. They sold their land, uprooted their communities, and found new homes. But when they discovered that no place in Europe was safe, they packed all their belongings into… Mennonite Furniture vs. Amish Furniture

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5 Amish Gifts for Bird Lovers

Beth Rice 11/11/2021

They stop mid-sentence to look up. They always bring you to the porch or backyard to point out a sighting. They wear bird t-shirts and usually have binoculars close by. We’re talking about those who love to bird watch and never tire of the colors, sounds and actions birds bring. If you’ve wondered what to get someone who is fond of birds, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five Amish gifts for bird… 5 Amish Gifts for Bird Lovers

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Family Game Night Ideas

Beth Rice 04/11/2021

Vacations, birthdays, holidays, weekends–really any night at home–is a good time for games. Family game night ideas come in all shapes and sizes for outdoor and indoor play. These handcrafted games and game tables made in Amish country can contribute to fun times with family and friends. Consider these family game night ideas for great ways to have fun, relax at home and save money. Amish Rice Pitch Game The object is to get the… Family Game Night Ideas

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