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Jake Smucker grew up attending a Mennonite church while living on a small farm in central Kansas. After studying at Goshen College in Elkhart County, Indiana, he started working for DutchCrafters in 2016. Since then, he has been the Multimedia Producer and Graphic Designer, focusing his efforts on producing helpful and informative videos for shoppers of Amish furniture.

Mennonite Furniture vs. Amish Furniture

Jake Smucker 18/11/2021

They wanted to follow Jesus in their own way and refused to serve in the military. They sought a life separate from the culture where they lived in order to speak their own language and continue their way of life. And they were persecuted, imprisoned, and fined. They sold their land, uprooted their communities, and found new homes. But when they discovered that no place in Europe was safe, they packed all their belongings into… Mennonite Furniture vs. Amish Furniture

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