5 Amish Gifts for Bird Lovers

Beth Rice 11/11/2021

They stop mid-sentence to look up. They always bring you to the porch or backyard to point out a sighting. They wear bird t-shirts and usually have binoculars close by. We’re talking about those who love to bird watch and never tire of the colors, sounds and actions birds bring. If you’ve wondered what to get someone who is fond of birds, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five Amish gifts for bird lovers, handcrafted in Amish country, and offering maximum durability and function.

A Bird-Shaped Hanging Feeder

Amish Bird Shaped Hanging Feeder
The Amish Bird-Shaped Hanging Feeder holds up to 4 lbs. of seed.

Bird feeders help bring colorful feathered friends to visit a backyard or garden. This one is especially delightful as it comes in different bird species. If you or your bird-watching friend has a favorite bird type, chances are one of the 11 bird species offered could match up with a favorite. These bird feeders have a hinged top that makes it easy to refill with seed and to clean out. It’s built with cedar wood and ships assembled.

Hanging Bird  Feeder
Choose from 11 bird species for this handmade hanging feeder.

Amish hanging bird feeders also come in ultra-durable, environmentally friendly poly lumber, and you can play with colors to perfectly match your outdoor scene. Poly lumber won’t splinter, rot or crack. It can stand up to extreme temperatures.

A Tray Feeder

Tray feeders are a great gift choice for the avid bird watcher. They attract birds in all shapes and sizes and can hold just about any kind of food treat you want to offer, making the meal appealing to more bird species.

Amish Poly Covered Ground Bird Feeder with Removable Tray
A covered tray feeder like the Poly Covered Ground Birdfeeder with Removable Tray can help keep larger birds from squeezing out the small ones.
Amish Poly Hanging Tray Bird Feeder
Tray feeders come in hanging style too, like the Poly Hanging Tray Bird Feeder.

A Jelly Jar Feeder

For fans of birds that prefer a liquified meal like fruit juice, jelly or nectar, there’s the jelly jar feeder. Jelly jar feeders come with varying numbers of jelly jars. Simply fill with jelly (like grape for orioles) or fruit, and let the birds come and enjoy sweet liquid drinks.

DutchCrafters Exclusive Double Layer Oriole Feeder
The DutchCrafters Exclusive Double Layer Oriole Feeder offers four jelly jars to host more birds.

Another type of birdfeeder is a suet feeder. Suet is a tasty mix for birds like wrens, bluebirds, chickadees and smaller species. It is a mixture of seeds, nuts, grains and fruits mixed with some fat that helps it all stick together. Suet cage feeders can be used to house the suet mix.

A Bird House

Bird lovers often like to provide shelter for flying visitors, and a bird house offers room for nesting. They come in a variety of cute designs to add a lovely accent to a yard or garden.

Amish Barn Style Martin Bird House with 12 Compartments
This Barn Style Martin Bird House provides 12 compartments for birds to nest close to each other.
Amish Made Large Poly Birdhouse
Amish woodshops produce wood and poly birdhouses in all sizes. This Large Poly Bird House has a treated copper top.

A Bird Box

What does a bird box do? A bird box, or nest box, provides shelter from the elements for our little bird friends to nest and seek warmth.

Available in many shapes, sizes, and colors as well as other features, these five Amish gifts for bird lovers are sure to bring some smiles and even more likely to bring birds on the scene so loved ones can enjoy them.

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