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Why Authentic Craftsmanship Matters

Beth Rice 31/08/2023

Build it quicker. Get it faster. Machines that can do what humans do are incredible. Let them do the work to build more, faster. That’s better, right? Or is it? Mass production often leads to products of lesser quality. Rushing just won’t deliver the same quality that taking time will. As products and clothing wear out, break down and get thrown out, consumers must replace them. As we look to the future to live in… Why Authentic Craftsmanship Matters

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Sustainable Furniture: More Than Just A Design Trend

Beth Rice 03/08/2023

Sustainable living is one of the year’s shining trends, including an increased awareness and use of sustainable furniture for the home. More and more households are not only aware of the growing need to be kind to the planet, but are committing to supporting the practice of going green. We’re embracing the value of sustainable furnishings not only for the planet, but for our family, our friends and ourselves. Within the groups of sustainable practices… Sustainable Furniture: More Than Just A Design Trend

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Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

Leah Meldman 16/08/2016

Chic style that is also fun and functional? Count us in! There’s a reason mid-century modern style is here to stay. As its name suggests, this simple style that makes a statement hit the scene in the middle of the 20th century, between the mid-1940s to 1970. Postwar America craved a no-frills aesthetic for the modern era. Pared-down forms became a practical way to accommodate smaller homes and a more fast-paced lifestyle. This lightweight design… Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

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