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How to Create A Mid-Century Modern Mix

Beth Rice 24/01/2019

Love the look of mid-century modern furniture but do not wish to have it throughout your entire house? Good news—mid-century modern furniture is mixable. Here’s how. Making the Most With Mid-Century Modern Mid-century modern furniture, (not to be confused with contemporary style which is furniture that adapts to reflect current trends) has grown immensely popular and just keeps on going. Mid-century mod combines versatile and simple with a little spunk and brings on that retro… How to Create A Mid-Century Modern Mix

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History of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Leah Meldman 18/05/2017

It was writer and art historian Cara Greenberg who first coined the term “Mid-Century Modern” in the title of her 1984 book. She recalled a design movement that remains popular today for its simple, straightforward style. But before its neat proportions and bright pops of color hit the screen in shows like Mad Men, mid-century modern furniture found its footing starting in the 1940s. Origin Hitting the scene roughly in the middle of the 20th century,… History of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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Furniture to Make a Bedroom Sanctuary

Leah Meldman 06/02/2017

Your bedroom should be a place where you can take a breather and get a good night’s rest. However, life’s daily chaos tends to carry over into our bedrooms. We spend extra time on our phones or computers responding to texts and emails when we should be relaxing. We’re on a mission to reclaim the bedroom as the relaxing retreat it should be. Below you will find our ideas for making a bedroom sanctuary. Designate Downtime… Furniture to Make a Bedroom Sanctuary

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10 Design Styles Defined

Beth Rice 12/09/2016

Finding furniture that suits your style should be adventurous and fun. Whether you’re looking for delicate curves with vintage warmth, a simple form with a focus on function, or a blending of styles with some room to bend the rules, there are Amish-made pieces that will fit your needs. Don’t know exactly what your style is? Or, know what you like but aren’t sure the name of the style? We’re here to help!  We’ve taken… 10 Design Styles Defined

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Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

Leah Meldman 16/08/2016

Chic style that is also fun and functional? Count us in! There’s a reason mid-century modern style is here to stay. As its name suggests, this simple style that makes a statement hit the scene in the middle of the 20th century, between the mid-1940s to 1970. Postwar America craved a no-frills aesthetic for the modern era. Pared-down forms became a practical way to accommodate smaller homes and a more fast-paced lifestyle. This lightweight design… Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

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