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Our Pets’ Favorite Furniture

Beth Rice 29/09/2016

Greeting us upon arrival, comforting us after a long day, and making us smile when we need it the most, our animal friends aren’t just pets — they are family.  Whether they have a wagging tail, whiskers, or a wiggly nose, they hold a special place in our households. At DutchCrafters, they also hold a special place in our office. Our pets have selected their favorite furniture with their own special flair. We feature them… Our Pets’ Favorite Furniture

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7 Eco-Friendly Indoor Items

Beth Rice 26/09/2016

A healthy home environment benefits those most important to you — your family. How does supporting the environment factor into your furniture selections?  You might be pleasantly surprised to find out some of the eco-friendly aspects of handcrafted Amish furniture that can serve you inside your home. Nurture Your Natural Side When it comes to furniture, a natural, pure product is best. Removing materials like plastic and particle board from your home gives a little… 7 Eco-Friendly Indoor Items

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Beneath the Bark: The Beauty of Live Edge Wood

Beth Rice 20/09/2016

Have you ever gone on your morning walk and returned with something you found outside? Something that was just too beautiful in its natural state to resist? Maybe you grabbed a pine cone, a stone, or the perfect fall leaf. Sometimes nature’s elements that appear in your path just have to come inside.  Let us introduce you to the beauty of live edge wood. Live Edge Defined The live edge is the natural edge of the… Beneath the Bark: The Beauty of Live Edge Wood

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Beyond the Cabin: Log Furniture For Any Space

Leah Meldman 15/09/2016

This time of year has us dreaming of a cozy cabin getaway where we can reconnect with nature. Furnished with genuine rustic log furniture to create unmatched warmth, this space allows us to bring the outdoors in. While a log lodge is nice to picture, it may not be practical. This doesn’t mean that log furniture must stay confined to your imagination. Add it easily into your space by incorporating a few pieces with your… Beyond the Cabin: Log Furniture For Any Space

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10 Design Styles Defined

Beth Rice 12/09/2016

Finding furniture that suits your style should be adventurous and fun. Whether you’re looking for delicate curves with vintage warmth, a simple form with a focus on function, or a blending of styles with some room to bend the rules, there are Amish-made pieces that will fit your needs. Don’t know exactly what your style is? Or, know what you like but aren’t sure the name of the style? We’re here to help!  We’ve taken… 10 Design Styles Defined

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Functional Furniture for Slumber Parties

Beth Rice 06/09/2016

Heading back to school reunites your children with friends they’ve missed over the summer and introduces some new ones to their social scene. Soon an afternoon playdate or study session for two turns into a weekend sleepover for several. Before you know it, you’ve got a full blown slumber party on your hands. Follow our fun timeline for some activities and functional Amish furniture that will help entertain your guests. 2 p.m. – Bring on the… Functional Furniture for Slumber Parties

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