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Leah Meldman first fell in love with Amish furniture when she started as a content writer at DutchCrafters in 2015. Contributing to Timber to Table is a welcome change of pace from the papers she writes while pursuing a bachelor's degree in British and American Literature. Leah is a Shih Tzu enthusiast who enjoys the company of her spunky rescue dog, Patrick O'Growly, in the office from time to time. DutchCrafters Timber to Table blog was started in 2012 to provide our customers and other readers with woodworkers stories, Amish culture information, and furniture selection or interior design tips.

History of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Leah Meldman 18/05/2017

It was writer and art historian Cara Greenberg who first coined the term “Mid-Century Modern” in the title of her 1984 book. She recalled a design movement that remains popular today for its simple, straightforward style. But before its neat proportions and bright pops of color hit the screen in shows like Mad Men, mid-century modern furniture found its footing starting in the 1940s. Origin Hitting the scene roughly in the middle of the 20th century,… History of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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History of Shaker Style Furniture

Leah Meldman 09/05/2017

Many of us hope to furnish our homes with pieces that reflect our unique values. However, reality often gets in the way. Factors like cost, amount of space, and availability, tend to take precedence over having furniture that reflects the way we live. For the Shakers, a religious sect dating back to the 18th century, creating Shaker furniture that reflected their values was of the utmost importance. Taking a look at the development of the influential… History of Shaker Style Furniture

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Reclaimed vs. Rough Sawn: What’s the Difference?

Leah Meldman 04/05/2017

At DutchCrafters, we offer a variety of rustic furniture that creates a rugged warmth in the homes of our customers. Reclaimed wood furniture and rough sawn wood are some of our most popular options that cater to this distinct look. Although it is easy to confuse reclaimed and rough sawn wood, there are some key characteristics that set them apart. Keep reading to learn the difference between these styles. Amish Reclaimed Wood Furniture The reclaimed… Reclaimed vs. Rough Sawn: What’s the Difference?

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History of Queen Anne Style Furniture

Leah Meldman 28/04/2017

Although Queen Anne reigned from 1702-1714, the style of formal furniture that would come to bear her royal name did not gain popularity in the Americas until the 1720s. Around that time, prosperity beckoned immigrants to the colonies, including a large number of British craftsmen. This made way for a major transition. The more ornate William and Mary style furniture was transformed. The result was Queen Anne style. The reign of William and Mary (1689-1702) heavily… History of Queen Anne Style Furniture

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How to Prepare your Patio for Summer Parties

Leah Meldman 20/04/2017

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about your plans for summer. Outdoor entertaining is one of our favorite ways to spend the warmer months. A special occasion or just plain relaxing can be taken to the next level with a pretty patio. Prepare your patio for summer parties with our tips below. Get Gardening Start small by choosing pretty planters that will add a personal touch to your outdoor space. Our LuxCraft 24″… How to Prepare your Patio for Summer Parties

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Conference Table Buying Guide

Leah Meldman 11/04/2017

Like the dining room in your home, where the company gathers for meetings is an important space. Many great ideas take shape in conference rooms. Therefore, it is important to select the right conference table. We’re narrowing it down by explaining the various possibilities and benefits of round, square, rectangular, and boat-shaped tables. Our conference table buying guide will help you create an ideal setting for the meeting of minds. Size Follow these general rules… Conference Table Buying Guide

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History of the Hope Chest

Leah Meldman 06/04/2017

The hope chest has been referred to as many things, including a dowry chest, trousseau chest, and a glory box. No matter what it’s called, this tried-and-true treasure has evolved over time to remain a favorite piece of furniture. Longstanding Tradition The hope chest dates back centuries, revealing a rich and fascinating history. It originated at a time when marriage included the exchange of property between families. The idea of the hope chest was brought… History of the Hope Chest

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How to Create an Urban Garden

Leah Meldman 31/03/2017

Spring is in the air and that puts us in the mood for a home refresh. This season, we’re venturing into the world of urban gardening. City dwellers far and wide are finding inventive ways to bring nature indoors. Most of the time, having limited space in an apartment also means limited sunlight. However, with some creative planning, it becomes simple and easy to transform your city space to include an urban garden. Put your… How to Create an Urban Garden

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Organize your Home Office Day

Leah Meldman 14/03/2017

March 14 is Organize your Home Office Day, and we’re getting in the clutter-free spirit. These days, 1-in-4 American households has some type of home office. Whether you’re self-employed or work from home on the weekends, we know it can be hard to keep your work space tidy. Use today as the perfect opportunity to organize it. Decrease what is unnecessary and increase your productivity with these helpful tips. Out with the Old Begin your office… Organize your Home Office Day

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10 Surprising Amish-Made Products

Leah Meldman 09/03/2017

The mention of Amish furniture tends to conjure up images of early American colonial style tables and chairs. Oak wood with a simple stain is the go-to combination for this traditional look. We certainly offer this classic design in our range of over 12,000 products. However, the Amish make much more than just traditional styles. From industrial to mid-century modern and even some *gasp* steam punk, you may be surprised by the wide range of… 10 Surprising Amish-Made Products

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Furniture for a Minimalist Design

Leah Meldman 23/02/2017

Minimalist design has caught our eye for its attention to quality over quantity. This pared down look continues to grow in popularity. Because furniture takes up the most space in any room, it is the best place to start transforming your home to reflect the minimalist style. Simplify your space with our furniture picks for the minimalist. Back to Basics Bedroom Minimalism focuses on creating more open spaces by decluttering. Many of us have two… Furniture for a Minimalist Design

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Furniture to Make a Bedroom Sanctuary

Leah Meldman 06/02/2017

Your bedroom should be a place where you can take a breather and get a good night’s rest. However, life’s daily chaos tends to carry over into our bedrooms. We spend extra time on our phones or computers responding to texts and emails when we should be relaxing. We’re on a mission to reclaim the bedroom as the relaxing retreat it should be. Below you will find our ideas for making a bedroom sanctuary. Designate Downtime… Furniture to Make a Bedroom Sanctuary

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Table Base Buying Guide

Leah Meldman 03/02/2017

Deciding on the dining table where your family will gather for meals and celebrations is a personal experience. It should be a place where all can come to relax and unwind. The base should work with how you plan to use the table most. Let us help you select the right one with the DutchCrafters Table Base Buying Guide. Browse our wide array of dining tables to find the perfect table base and fit for your… Table Base Buying Guide

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10 Interior Decorating Secrets

Leah Meldman 17/01/2017

Whether you’re starting from scratch or would just like to refresh your home’s interior, there are a host of decorating secrets that can simplify the process for you. From something significant to minor adjustments, we’re sure you will find a tip that applies to your home. It could be a pop of color in an unexpected place or a plant to liven things up. We’ve rounded up our top 10 interior decorating secrets to help you… 10 Interior Decorating Secrets

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Resolving to Craft and the Furniture that Can Help

Leah Meldman 09/01/2017

With the new year already off to a fast start, your resolutions may have already started to fall by the wayside. Sticking to your goals can be tough if you do not set the stage for success. If you resolved to start crafting in 2017, creating a comfortable, functional space can be the key to following through. You’ll instantly feel more motivated when you are surrounded by the right tools. Below we’ve gathered our ideas… Resolving to Craft and the Furniture that Can Help

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