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Fresh Start: Becoming A Cozy Minimalist

Beth Rice 10/01/2019

What do you do when you love two styles?  Does the smooth, uncluttered minimalist look appeal to you, yet the cozy richness brought on by some accessories call to you as well? Here’s some great news for 2019. You don’t have to be one or the other—you can be both. On your own terms…. Here’s how…. Cozy Minimalist Characteristics How to Begin: The Path to Minimalism Interior design has been carving a path to a… Fresh Start: Becoming A Cozy Minimalist

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Finding Balance with Lagom

Beth Rice 27/09/2018

What is Lagom? Lagom is about living in moderation. Lagom is when work, stress and happiness are all in balance and things don’t have to be perfect. Lagom is about being satisfied with what you have, making the most of what you have, and finding the middle road between too much and too little and following it. In her book Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living, author Linnea Dunne translates Lagom to mean “not… Finding Balance with Lagom

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Furniture for a Minimalist Design

Leah Meldman 23/02/2017

Minimalist design has caught our eye for its attention to quality over quantity. This pared down look continues to grow in popularity. Because furniture takes up the most space in any room, it is the best place to start transforming your home to reflect the minimalist style. Simplify your space with our furniture picks for the minimalist. Back to Basics Bedroom Minimalism focuses on creating more open spaces by decluttering. Many of us have two… Furniture for a Minimalist Design

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