Fresh Start: Becoming A Cozy Minimalist

Beth Rice 10/01/2019

What do you do when you love two styles?  Does the smooth, uncluttered minimalist look appeal to you, yet the cozy richness brought on by some accessories call to you as well?

Here’s some great news for 2019. You don’t have to be one or the other—you can be both. On your own terms….

Here’s how….

Cozy Minimalist Characteristics

  • A blending of comfort with function
  • Adding just enough décor to make your space comfortable and welcoming
  • Knowing your own style and adding just enough of it

How to Begin:

  • Think function: build your living spaces around your furniture (yes, we like this idea), adding design elements that support the furniture.
  • Incorporate styles you like the most and create those styles with the fewest items possible.
  • Add some texture with cozy elements and think of creating contrast with your selections.
  • Add some accessories like rugs, throw pillows, blankets, artwork, candles, pictures, plants or flowers—just don’t overdo it.
  • A great idea for checking yourself that you don’t overdo with accessories is to commit to some spaces that will not display anything and some spaces that you’ll allow yourself to decorate.
The Amish Seneca Electric Fireplace is an ideal spot for adding some cozy accessories.

  •  Some places to keep clear might include kitchen counters or your dining table. (This doesn’t mean you can’t put anything on them, just don’t decorate them with accessories.)

The Path to Minimalism

Interior design has been carving a path to a decluttered look for some time. With families working hard with full schedules, a focus on how to simplify things has contributed to a turn down the path toward minimalism.

De-cluttering has became a goal to strive for and remains one for many. A turn toward furniture styles that are slender, light and un-complicated contribute to a decluttered and clean look.

For the cozy minimalist, you don’t want too barren, bare or bland– that’s where the fun of adding the “cozy” comes in.

The Path to Cozy

For some, all it takes is switching up your floor plan and moving some furniture around or redoing your wall of family photos.

If you are adding more, be sure to decorate only with things you truly love. Some cozy personal touches include cushions, throws, string lights or softer lighting options, or candles or scents you like. But these are all just suggestions—take what makes you feel cozy and use it for your space.

Mission Foyer Slat Bench with Center Drawer
Add a blanket or throw on the Mission Foyer Slat Bench with Center Drawer to combine cozy with functional furniture.

Cozy Minimalist Mindset

Cozy minimalism exists somewhere between your idea of uncluttered or minimal and your idea of cozy or accessorized/decorated. The great thing about it is, you can decide what degree of cozy and minimal you want to combine that works just right for you. This way you can avoid going too minimal which can feel cold and bare or too accessorized that can feel cluttered and overdone.

A cozy minimalist has discovered and created their balanced version of clutter and cozy to create a warm, peaceful place.

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