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Fine Furniture FAQs

Beth Rice 28/02/2017

Communication is key to superior customer service. Your understanding of furniture features, materials, ordering procedures, and delivery options is important to us. Your satisfaction with your experience from beginning to end is our top priority. We’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions in order to share some of the details that go along with the purchase, design, and delivery of fine Amish furniture. 1) What are the dimensions? Most of our Amish furniture is offered in… Fine Furniture FAQs

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Furniture for a Minimalist Design

Leah Meldman 23/02/2017

Minimalist design has caught our eye for its attention to quality over quantity. This pared down look continues to grow in popularity. Because furniture takes up the most space in any room, it is the best place to start transforming your home to reflect the minimalist style. Simplify your space with our furniture picks for the minimalist. Back to Basics Bedroom Minimalism focuses on creating more open spaces by decluttering. Many of us have two… Furniture for a Minimalist Design

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Furniture for a Growing Family

Beth Rice 20/02/2017

From toddlers to teens, the activities and needs of your family change as the kids grow. Finding furniture that can grow along with your family is possible with the features and customizations Amish furniture can provide. Take a look at the built-in extras that make some of our favorite versatile pieces great furniture for a growing family. Crib Conversions Built to provide for a comfortable night’s sleep from infancy to adulthood, the Amish French Country Convertible… Furniture for a Growing Family

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How to Mix and Match Dining Furniture

Beth Rice 17/02/2017

An eclectic dining room design is both adventurous and creative. With so many different and appealing furniture styles, it can be hard to choose just one. Here we’ve laid out some suggestions and guidelines for how to mix and match dining room furniture. The possibilities are endless with an exciting mixture of colors, styles, and textures adding to your dining scene. Accents at the Ends Create a blended look. Use the same style chairs along the… How to Mix and Match Dining Furniture

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The Best Furniture for Romance

Beth Rice 14/02/2017

With the excitement and mystery of romance in the air this time of year, we’re here to help love blossom with Amish made furniture providing the backdrop.  What’s the best furniture for romance? Let us help you set the scene. Scene 1: Romantic Dining Set the time to meet. Light the candles. If you don’t cook, pick up your favorite person’s favorite food. Now you’ll need a beautiful place to sit and dine. That’s where… The Best Furniture for Romance

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Furniture to Make a Bedroom Sanctuary

Leah Meldman 06/02/2017

Your bedroom should be a place where you can take a breather and get a good night’s rest. However, life’s daily chaos tends to carry over into our bedrooms. We spend extra time on our phones or computers responding to texts and emails when we should be relaxing. We’re on a mission to reclaim the bedroom as the relaxing retreat it should be. Below you will find our ideas for making a bedroom sanctuary. Designate Downtime… Furniture to Make a Bedroom Sanctuary

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Table Base Buying Guide

Leah Meldman 03/02/2017

Deciding on the dining table where your family will gather for meals and celebrations is a personal experience. It should be a place where all can come to relax and unwind. The base should work with how you plan to use the table most. Let us help you select the right one with the DutchCrafters Table Base Buying Guide. Browse our wide array of dining tables to find the perfect table base and fit for your… Table Base Buying Guide

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