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Upholstery Buying Guide

Beth Rice 12/05/2017

Sinking into a soft living room sofa or working comfortably at an office chair requires quality construction and support. Just as important as the construction of the furniture is the fine fabric or leather used to upholster it. There are lots of options to choose from when deciding on the right fabric or leather upholstery for your custom furniture. This Upholstery Buying Guide offers helpful points to consider when choosing a fabric with the sensational color… Upholstery Buying Guide

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Conference Table Buying Guide

Leah Meldman 11/04/2017

Like the dining room in your home, where the company gathers for meetings is an important space. Many great ideas take shape in conference rooms. Therefore, it is important to select the right conference table. We’re narrowing it down by explaining the various possibilities and benefits of round, square, rectangular, and boat-shaped tables. Our conference table buying guide will help you create an ideal setting for the meeting of minds. Size Follow these general rules… Conference Table Buying Guide

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Table Base Buying Guide

Leah Meldman 03/02/2017

Deciding on the dining table where your family will gather for meals and celebrations is a personal experience. It should be a place where all can come to relax and unwind. The base should work with how you plan to use the table most. Let us help you select the right one with the DutchCrafters Table Base Buying Guide. Browse our wide array of dining tables to find the perfect table base and fit for your… Table Base Buying Guide

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Sofa and Loveseat Buying Guide

Debra Gingerich 15/04/2016

The sofa or loveseat is often the largest piece of furniture in a room and sets the tone for the style of that room. We all can probably think of an example where a poorly selected sofa had bad effects on the feel and functionality of a space. With so many variations in size, design, and fabrics to choose from, here are some things to consider when buying a sofa or loveseat. Measure your Room and your… Sofa and Loveseat Buying Guide

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