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History of the Chifforobe

Beth Rice 06/06/2017

To properly share the history of the chifforobe we have to go back in time and ask ourselves, what did we do with clothing before closets were invented? Centuries ago humans had no need for storage dedicated to clothing since they possessed so little of it. As methods for producing clothing and desirable styles developed, the need for a storage solution was born. Some early solutions included woven baskets and wood chests. Roman soldiers used… History of the Chifforobe

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History of the Hope Chest

Leah Meldman 06/04/2017

The hope chest has been referred to as many things, including a dowry chest, trousseau chest, and a glory box. No matter what it’s called, this tried-and-true treasure has evolved over time to remain a favorite piece of furniture. Longstanding Tradition The hope chest dates back centuries, revealing a rich and fascinating history. It originated at a time when marriage included the exchange of property between families. The idea of the hope chest was brought… History of the Hope Chest

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History of the Roll Top Desk

Beth Rice 24/10/2016

“A place for everything and everything in its place” was the slogan that propelled the roll top desk to popularity during the 19th century. A desk full of small drawers, hideaways, and perfectly sized compartments with a top that could be closed to conceal any clutter was a delight for many and became a popular choice for small to medium-sized offices. But first, it began with a king. At the King’s Request King Louis XV… History of the Roll Top Desk

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