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How to Create an Urban Garden

Leah Meldman 31/03/2017

Spring is in the air and that puts us in the mood for a home refresh. This season, we’re venturing into the world of urban gardening. City dwellers far and wide are finding inventive ways to bring nature indoors. Most of the time, having limited space in an apartment also means limited sunlight. However, with some creative planning, it becomes simple and easy to transform your city space to include an urban garden. Put your… How to Create an Urban Garden

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History of the Pie Safe

Beth Rice 28/03/2017

For a good part of the 19th century, a very important piece of furniture sat in the middle of many kitchens — the pie safe. Also known as a pie cabinet, pie cupboard, pie chest, or kitchen safe, the pie safe helped to keep pesky insects, rodents, and dirt away from freshly baked goods. Origins It is believed that the pie safe was first introduced in the United States in the 1800s by German immigrants… History of the Pie Safe

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Inspiration from the NIWA Expo

Milca Rivera 20/03/2017

The Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association (NIWA) is a group of over 80 dedicated Amish furniture builders who sell to retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Their mission is to build “beautiful and unique furniture and accessories for generations of enjoyment.” Once a year, members of association gather under one roof to exhibit new furniture and old favorites for retailers. This year a few of our team members attended the invitation-only event, held at the end of… Inspiration from the NIWA Expo

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Organize your Home Office Day

Leah Meldman 14/03/2017

March 14 is Organize your Home Office Day, and we’re getting in the clutter-free spirit. These days, 1-in-4 American households has some type of home office. Whether you’re self-employed or work from home on the weekends, we know it can be hard to keep your work space tidy. Use today as the perfect opportunity to organize it. Decrease what is unnecessary and increase your productivity with these helpful tips. Out with the Old Begin your office… Organize your Home Office Day

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10 Surprising Amish-Made Products

Leah Meldman 09/03/2017

The mention of Amish furniture tends to conjure up images of early American colonial style tables and chairs. Oak wood with a simple stain is the go-to combination for this traditional look. We certainly offer this classic design in our range of over 12,000 products. However, the Amish make much more than just traditional styles. From industrial to mid-century modern and even some *gasp* steam punk, you may be surprised by the wide range of… 10 Surprising Amish-Made Products

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Our Favorite Movies & Matching Entertainment Centers

Beth Rice 06/03/2017

The cooler months are the perfect times of year for cuddling up with a warm blanket, a special person, and a good flick. Right in front of your home entertainment center is the best spot to enjoy your all-time favorite films. We’re sharing some of our staff members’ favorite movies matched with the Amish entertainment centers we think best reflect the characters and themes of each film. From a Pixar film with family, to a… Our Favorite Movies & Matching Entertainment Centers

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Get the Look: Friends Edition

Milca Rivera 03/03/2017

This blog was updated on July 23, 2019. Although it ended in 2004, Friends is still one of the most popular television shows. The sitcom that pervaded popular culture with such things as “The Rachel” haircut, the catchy song “Smelly Cat,” and the phrase “How you doin’?,” also features two of the most iconic sets in television history: Monica’s apartment and Central Perk. Monica’s shabby-chic apartment and the eclectic but cozy Central Perk are styled in… Get the Look: Friends Edition

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