10 Surprising Amish-Made Products

Leah Meldman 09/03/2017

The mention of Amish furniture tends to conjure up images of early American colonial style tables and chairs. Oak wood with a simple stain is the go-to combination for this traditional look. We certainly offer this classic design in our range of over 12,000 products. However, the Amish make much more than just traditional styles.

From industrial to mid-century modern and even some *gasp* steam punk, you may be surprised by the wide range of styles that we offer. We’ve rounded up our top 10 surprising Amish-made products.

1. Omni Coffee Table

The sleek, straightforward design of our Omni Coffee Table is a far cry from traditional Amish furniture. Its minimalist design is built to last using solid hardwood and steel.

Amish Omni Coffee Table

2. Urban Factory Cart Coffee Table

Transform your living space with the unique design of our Urban Factory Cart Coffee Table. You’ll be surprised by the comfort century-old reclaimed barn wood brings to your home.

Urban Factory Cart Coffee Table

3. Handcrafted Modern Dining Chair

Who knew Amish furniture could be so contemporary? The Handcrafted Modern Dining Chair features the same sturdy construction found in our traditional Amish-made dining chairs.

Amish Handcrafted Modern Dining Chair

4. Amish Handforth Coffee Table

Combining classic style with contemporary flair, our Amish Handforth Coffee Table represents the range of craftsmanship our woodworkers are capable of. Its ornate details will make any occasion feel special.

Amish Handforth Coffee Table

5. Planked Live Edge Bar Table with Steel T Base

A flawless fusion of rustic and industrial makes our Planked Live Edge Bar Table with Steel T Base as surprising as it is stunning.

Planked Live Edge Bar Table with Steel T Base

6. Sliding Barn Door Buffet

Our Sliding Barn Door Buffet exemplifies urban chic at its finest. Bring the heartland to your happy hour with unique sliding barn doors on your buffet.

Sliding Barn Door Buffet

7. Amish Golf Wine Bottle Holder

Speaking of happy hour, the Amish Golf Wine Bottle Holder gives you a fun way to display your favorite adult beverage. Express your love for teeing off with this clever piece.

Amish Golf Wine Bottle Holder

8. Ruff Sawn Steam Punk Six Drawer Dresser

Steam punk style adds charm to your home by combining industrial elements with solid hardwood. Add rugged yet modern appeal to your bedroom with our Ruff Sawn Steam Punk Six Drawer Dresser.

Ruff Sawn Steam Punk Six Drawer Dresser

9. Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Amish craftsmen continue to surprise and delight with the unique design of our Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase. Its reclaimed oak shelves tell a story almost as good as your favorite book.

Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

10. Hastingwood Mid Century Modern Panel Bed

We’re smitten with the ultra-sleek design of our Hastingwood Mid-Century Modern Panel Bed. Clean lines and sharp angles characterize this Amish-made delight.

Hastingwood Mid Century Modern Bedroom Set

We’re proud to offer you a wide range of Amish-made styles to choose from. These designs have come a long way from traditional early American furniture. What remains the same is our woodworkers’ commitment to building long-lasting furniture for your home.

What Amish-made product did you find to be the most surprising? Let us know in a comment below!

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