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Milca Rivera 03/03/2017

This blog was updated on July 23, 2019.

Although it ended in 2004, Friends is still one of the most popular television shows.

The sitcom that pervaded popular culture with such things as “The Rachel” haircut, the catchy song “Smelly Cat,” and the phrase “How you doin’?,” also features two of the most iconic sets in television history: Monica’s apartment and Central Perk.

Monica’s shabby-chic apartment and the eclectic but cozy Central Perk are styled in ways that will never go out of style.

Inject some Friends-inspired decor into your home with Amish handcrafted furniture.

Monica’s Apartment

Dining Area

Monica's Kitchen View 1


Monica's Kitchen 2


Monica’s kitchen table is one of the places viewers would often find the friends gathered. The small, eat-in kitchen features brick walls, turquoise cabinets, and wood counter tops. A round, single pedestal table surrounded by mismatched chairs was the heart of the kitchen.

Get the look of Monica’s dining table with our Austin Amish Furniture Pedestal Dining Table.

Austin Amish Furniture Pedestal Dining Table

Shown in brown maple with a nutmeg stain, the Austin can be custom-made from 11 different wood types. It can also be made with a solid top or with extensions, perfect for hosting your friends and all the fixings at Thanksgiving. Just don’t lock yourself out of the apartment while trying to attain the Geller Cup during a Thanksgiving Day game of touch football.

Mix and match our Amish Hearthside Dining Room Chair, Amish Lacroix Cross Back Dining Room Chair, and a set of Amish French Country Chairs to complete the look. All three styles can be customized with fabric seats.

Amish Hearthside Dining Room Chair, Amish Lacroix Cross Back Dining Room Chair, and Amish French Country Chair

Hearthside Dining Room Chair | Lacroix Cross Back Dining Room Chair | Amish French Country Chair

If you want to add a touch of turquoise, à la Monica’s kitchen cabinets, to your dining area, but don’t want to repaint your cabinets, try adding a sideboard, hutch, or buffet in the fun color.

The Amish Large Pine Wood Honey Cabinet reminds us of Monica’s cabinets. It is also a great way to add a pop of color to a room, and provides extra dining storage.

Amish Large Pine Wood Honey Cabinet

Living Room 

Monica's Living Room View


Monica's Living Room 2


Monica’s living room furniture featured neutral-colored seating, a wood coffee table, glass top side table with ornate legs, and pops of colors found in throw pillows, an ottoman, and the large rug.

The Amish Eden Upholstered Sofa can be upholstered in a variety of fabric colors and patterns. Heartland’s 31-18 Alaska fabric features a floral pattern similar to that found on Monica’s couch.

Amish Eden Sofa

Heartland Fabric Swatch in Alaska

Heartland Fabric 31-18 Alaska

Pair the Eden with the Amish Franchi Lounge Chair and the Tampa Chair by Keystone, upholstered in a neutral color, to complete your Friends-inspired living room seating.

Chairs 2

Amish Franchi Chair | Tampa Chair by Keystone

Get the look of Monica’s square coffee table with our Amish Reclaimed Barn Wood Coffee Table with Shelf. Made from wood salvaged from centuries-old barns, it includes a shelf that we can’t help but think “neat-freak” Monica would appreciate.

Amish Reclaimed Barn Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

Central Perk

Central Perk 1


Central Perk 2


The eclectic style of the iconic Central Perk would make for a great game room or informal dining room that brings friends and family together.

Where your Friends can Gather

The Amish Bristol Cross Sofa is a modern, comfortable central point where you and your friends can gather.

Amish Bristol Cross Sofa

Pair it with a lounge chair such as the Amish Elba Recliner, add the Amish Bistro Table, a couple of Amish Folding Dining Chairs upholstered in Heartland Fabric’s 33-18 Turkey Run, and the Rustic Barn Wood Coffee Table to complete the look.

Amish Elba Recliner, Amish Bistro Table, Amish Folding Dining Chair, and Rustic Barn Wood Coffee Table

Amish Elba Recliner | Amish Bistro Table | Amish Folding Dining Chair | Rustic Barn Wood Coffee Table

Heartland Fabric Swatch Turkey Run

Heartland Fabric 33-18 Turkey Run

  A Place to Serve your Friends

Central Perk 3Via

Create a bar space in your home similar to that featured on the Central Perk set. Surround the Amish Caledonia Indoor Home Bar with Amish Dillon Swivel Barstools. Add a hutch such as the Amish Farmhouse Hutch behind the bar where you can place a coffee maker, beans and grounds, snacks, alcoholic beverages, glassware, and more. Include chalkboard art with the day’s specials for a fun, personal touch.


Caledonia Indoor Home Bar | Dillon Swivel Bar Stool | Farmhouse Hutch

A Cozy Spot for a Few Friends

Central Perk 4


Or, create a breakfast nook with Central Perk as inspiration. Add the Amish Diamond Loveseat (upholstered in Heartland Crypton Fabric to ensure any spills will wipe up easily) in front of a window. Place the Amish Bistro Table with a couple of Amish Folding Dining Chairs around it and you’ve got a cozy gathering space that will have you humming, “I’ll be there for you.”


 Amish Diamond Loveseat | Amish Bistro Table | Amish Folding Dining Chair

We want to hear from you. Are there any TV show or movie interiors you would like us to try to recreate with Amish furniture? Let us know in the comments below.

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