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The History of French Country Furniture

Beth Rice 04/10/2018

The Birth of French Country Furniture During the 1600s, King Louis the XIV of France was on a mission. He was determined that France would become a style leader revered by all and embarked on renovating the Palace of Versailles. Only the best were employed to create, design and build for what was to be the most luxurious palace ever seen. As time went by, the masses fell in love with the lavish stylings of… The History of French Country Furniture

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10 Design Styles Defined

Beth Rice 12/09/2016

Finding furniture that suits your style should be adventurous and fun. Whether you’re looking for delicate curves with vintage warmth, a simple form with a focus on function, or a blending of styles with some room to bend the rules, there are Amish-made pieces that will fit your needs. Don’t know exactly what your style is? Or, know what you like but aren’t sure the name of the style? We’re here to help!  We’ve taken… 10 Design Styles Defined

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