Beneath the Bark: The Beauty of Live Edge Wood

Beth Rice 20/09/2016

Have you ever gone on your morning walk and returned with something you found outside? Something that was just too beautiful in its natural state to resist? Maybe you grabbed a pine cone, a stone, or the perfect fall leaf. Sometimes nature’s elements that appear in your path just have to come inside.  Let us introduce you to the beauty of live edge wood.

Live Edge Defined

The live edge is the natural edge of the wood after the bark is removed. Live edge wood displays the knots, holes and spaces that were present in the tree, and shows off its unique shape.  The original lines of the tree trunk reveal the tree’s organic character, and no two pieces are the same.

Launching Live Edge Wood Furniture

The use of live edge wood to craft live edge furniture grew out of the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 1900s. The movement valued traditional craftsmanship and an appreciation of the natural beauty of a simple form. George Nakashima is credited with making it popular. He left the natural edge of the wood in his finished pieces, celebrating its raw, original state.

The Look of Live Edge

A table like the Amish Made Bayport Rustic Table exhibits the various colors of the tree from which it came, sharing a story of life outdoors within your home.

amish made bayport rustic table with live edge

Live edge furniture enhances rustic décor with its warmth and texture. It can also provide balance to modern décor by adding a natural element that stands out, like in our Amish Soho Live Edge Bookcase.

amish soho live edge bookcase

Live Edge Wood Advantages


Much of our Amish furniture is made from wood that has been sustainably forested.

Enjoy the Amish Live Edge Server even more knowing the trees chosen to supply the lumber come from responsibly managed forests where the health of the trees and the growth of new saplings is a priority.

amish live edge server


Live edge furniture embraces quality craftsmanship and celebrates a simple form that is built well.

Environmentally Friendly

Including all the curves and natural shapes of the tree lumber, designs made with live edge wood ensure that most of the tree is actually used. Therefore, fewer trees are harvested to produce it.


The designs of this furniture are inspired by nature. Raw beauty is introduced to the room with a story within the design that only one tree can tell.

The Amish Handcrafted Live Edge Bench exemplifies a true one-of-a-kind bench.

amish handcrafted live edge bench

Enduring Style

The combination of natural solid wood and exceptional craftsmanship produces furniture that is resistant to wear and tear and maintains its appeal over time.

Solid furnishings like the Ruff Sawn Life Edge Sideboard display an enduring beauty that ages well.

ruff sawn live edge sideboard

Perfect in its imperfection, live edge designs embrace all that we love about the story of a tree.

Incorporate its warmth into your home, and bring a little of the outdoors inside.

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