JMX Brands Presents Top Revenue Producer Award to Billy Adams

Debra Gingerich 08/03/2022

Billy Adams was named the 2021 Top Revenue Producer for JMX Brands, the parent company of the largest online retailer of Amish furniture at  Sales and Service Manager Joseph Benson presented the award to Adams during the company’s annual award ceremony.

“Billy is consistent and has a drive to continue to expand his skills,” said Benson. “He is willing to try something different, even if it’s not necessarily the way Billy’s always done it. He sees it as an opportunity to progress and evolve.”

Originally from Venice, Fla., Adams was hired by JMX Brands in February 2020 as a sales support associate. Adams joined the Sarasota-based business with a background in furniture design and was quickly promoted to furniture specialist.

“Billy has been a solid, reliable revenue producer over the past year, with his most impressive month to date in December 2021,” said JMX Brands CEO Jim Miller. “He had the best single month of anyone in nearly four years.”

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