B2B Profiles

Edy Keeler of Core Value Interiors

A talent for texture and a keen sense of color define Keeler's Santa Fe, NM area interior and exterior designs. With a varied background in a number of industries, Keeler is able to draw inspiration from natural surroundings, from building materials, and even from local artwork to create highly livable spaces for her clients.


Dutchcrafters' timeless Amish furniture designs provide the ideal balance between form and function, allowing Keeler to focus on art, original installations, and client needs. Effortless, minimalistic pieces like the shaker bed featured above serve as grounding elements in a softly lit, modern bedroom. Her affinity for natural light is evident in many of her exterior projects, and the resulting gleam on our solid wood furniture is truly a stunning combination of organic elements.


Dutchcrafters is pleased to count Edy Keeler, winner of Santa Fe Magazine's "Home of the Year" award, as a business partner, and will continue working with her to bring New Mexico residents adaptable, outstanding interior design.