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Because of the careful attention to detail, the beauty in design, and the authenticity in historical accuracy, our Amish made furniture is often purchased by studios and theaters throughout the United States.

The Actors Theatre of Louisville was one of these theaters, purchasing thirteen of our solid oak Cage Back Windsor Dining Chairs for their 2005-06 season. The theatre purchased the Cage Back Windsor chairs for their production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The play takes place in Salem, Massachusetts at the time of the witch trials (late 1600’s). In the production, the furniture and setting was very spare. The chairs added an important period detail and really stood out, helping to make the play a success.

Actors Theatre of Louisville, founded in 1964 and designated in 1974 the State Theatre of Kentucky, has emerged as one of America's most consistently innovative professional theatre companies. For over 30 years, it has been a major force in revitalizing American playwriting, and its unique approach to the presentation of the classical dramatic repertoire is renowned. Winner of a host of coveted awards and worldwide recognition for excellence, Actors Theatre has captured the hearts of audiences in Louisville and across the country for over three decades.

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