B2B Profiles

The Hotchkiss School is an independent boarding school located in Lakeville, Connecticut. Founded in 1891, the school provides an education of unsurpassed quality to 578 students in grades 9 through 12, and to a small number of postgraduates. Students at Hotchkiss come from across the United States and 26 foreign countries. Graduates attend many of the most selective universities and colleges.

The Hotchkiss School strives to develop in students a lifelong love of learning, responsible citizenship, and personal integrity. We are a community based on trust, mutual respect, and compassion, and we hold all members of the community accountable for upholding these values.

With a reputation like this, The Hotchkiss School demands nothing but the best. That’s why they purchased eleven of our solid oak Five-Shelf Premium Raised Panel Bookcases. They could have saved money with a cheaper imported bookcase. But then again, that’s just not in their character.