B2B Profiles

Appomattox, Virginia is a city well known for it's history, but a lesser known part of that history is Liberty Baptist Church. Liberty Church was founded in 1834 and despite having to rebuild and move, they have managed to serve their community and members throughout. The church has remained in the same building now for almost a century and has seen 30 pastors and endless members.

Along with its colorful history Liberty Baptist Church offers many services and groups to the local community, including prayer and study groups, youth groups, and many missionary opportunities.

DutchCrafters was contacted by the church when they were in need of two antique reproduction New England knuckled arm comb-back chairs for their 175th anniversary celebration. These chairs are just another great example of the classical styles and craftsmanship that DutchCrafters is proud to offer.

The order came in with a strict delivery date so as not to miss the event, and DutchCrafters was able to work with the customer and our Amish owned wood shop, and the American hand made chairs were delivered well within the time frame and were used as replica for their church's historical production.