B2B Profiles

DutchCrafters continuously serves customers looking for historically accurate replication furniture. For Tippecanoe Place at Studebaker Mansion this was no different, as they needed a table that accurately represented the mansion's original furniture. We were able to set them up with a Double Pedestal Dining Room Table that was hand made by an Amish woodworking specialist for optimum historical accuracy.

DutchCrafters loves working with replication requests as our Amish wood shops are quite skilled in providing classical styles with minor to major weathering to give our furniture that authentic antique feel!

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant is a fine dining establishment located in the historical Studebaker Mansion, a 120 year old structure in South Bend, Indiana's historic district.

Built originally by Clem Studebaker of Studebaker Wagon's as a house for his wife and children, the mansion quickly became a social centerpiece in post civil war South Bend until a fire leveled the building. After it was rebuilt, Tippecanoe Place was a home for many years after, until it was decided that a restaurant would be installed. Since then Tippecanoe Place has focused on fine dining and wine pairing service. Today the restaurant has nightly dinner service, a full bar, and special event center for weddings and other social and corporate events.