B2B Profiles

The Columbus Cottonmouths exciting brand of professional hockey is growing in the southeastern United States. With a brand new season starting October 22nd 2010, the Cottonmouths, out of Columbus, GA, are trying to win their second championship since joining the SPHL for the 2004-2005 season. Since their inception in 1996 into the now defunct Central Hockey League, the Columbus Cottonmouths are now in their third independent hockey league, but having made the playoffs in all five years with the SPHL they seem to have found a niche to thrive in.

The Cottonmouth team staff was searching for a wooden barrel and found their way to the DutchCrafters website, where they found we offer two separate varieties of full sized barrels. One of the options on barrels we offer is an oak whiskey barrel which was actually used to hold and mature whiskey (Product #6408). The one the Cottonmouths purchased however is a simple Amish made full size 55 gallon barrel which can be used for any number of things.

We quickly got the barrel shipped out to the team, and knowing the Cottonmouths hard hitting style, we hope it makes it through the season in one piece!