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3 Ways to Grow Herbs for Fresh Kitchen Flavors and Good Garden Looks

Read on for our top tips, tricks, and ideas for bringing a little touch of the countryside to your space. Whether you’ve got a garden, porch, deck, balcony or windowsill, we’ve got the tools and planters you need to grow herbs for a beautiful and bountiful herb garden! The Amish woodworkers that we are proud to […]read more

5 Ways to Organize your Living Room with a Bookcase

How’s your living room feeling this spring? Light? Tidy? Primed & ready for swarms of summer visitors? If your answers are shrugs and sighs and shakes of the head, let Emily Wignall from Anatomy of Design show you some clever ways to organize your living room with one simple piece: the bookcase! 1 . Bookshelves as […]read more

One Smart Move for a Smarter Home Office

We’ve gotten to know hundreds of business professionals and their home office needs over the years – everything from nautically-themed bookcases to child-sized replica desks has crossed our plate. And while we’re ready and willing to take on any number of customizations and designs, we’re always quick to point out that the primary objective of a […]read more

Look we Love: Whatever the Weather – Spring Outdoor Decor

Bring the April showers with all their wind and fury! Why We Love It: Spring is synonymous with glowering clouds and unpredictable shifts in weather.  Those lovely lawn days when the sky suddenly opens up into a rainstorm inspired this look – spring outdoor decor that endures the flux in fine fashion. 1. Stone Lighthouse Replica […]read more

Who Else Needs Easter Activity Ideas?

Spring has sprung! Now that it’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors again, we here at DutchCrafters have set our minds to the next big event in our personal calendars: Easter Weekend. Here are four safe & simple Easter activity ideas to try this Sunday: To us, Easter is a unique and wonderful time. It’s a […]read more