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How to Season a New Cigar Humidor

The use of a finely calibrated cigar humidor will ensure your favorite stogies never go stale, keep their intended taste and aroma, and are ready to smoke when you’re ready to enjoy them. To begin, you’ll want to store your cigars in a relative humidity between 68% and 72%; this will assure an increased shelf life, which […]read more

8 Summer Party Must-Dos from our Poly Wood Outdoor Furniture Photo Shoot

Summer is unofficially here, and our Poly Wood outdoor furniture photo shoot reminded us of some key summer party must haves and must-dos to inspire your next fete! Find out just how easy a sizzling summer party can be with some friends, some pets, and some easy-breezy Poly Wood outdoor furniture.   1. Get Your […]read more

Meet the Amish Furniture Makers: Luxury Office Furniture Collection

Falling in love with James and his five sons, the Amish furniture makers who handcraft our Luxury Office Furniture collection, is just as easy as falling in love with the impeccable, solid wood desks they’ve been building since 2002. Warm and fatherly, James leads us around his cobbled shop, through room after appended room of buzzing and sanding, […]read more

Lay the Foundation: Nursery Furniture to Inspire Great Beginnings

While there are a few everyday differences between our way of life and the culture of our Amish woodworkers, we share one defining value in common: our families are at the very heart of everything we do. So when you’re starting to decorate a new nursery, we suggest making solid, safe, and beautiful Amish nursery […]read more

Stories from Amish Country: Spring 2015

Furniture-making is a craft, and we respect our Amish woodworkers for elevating that craft with every hand-rubbed, hand-stitched, hand-carved, and heartfelt piece of furniture they build for the DutchCrafters brand. Each season, you’ll find us visiting their Amish Country woodshops to see new designs, to hear about new processes, and — in Spring 2015 — to discover some brand […]read more