Emily Wignall

How To: Figure Out Your Dining Room Style

A Guest Post by Interior Designer Emily Wignall

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Space Saver: Corner Fireplace

Looking for added square footage but still want that pleasant and homey focal point of a fireplace?

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Dutchcrafters'Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair

DutchCrafters’ Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair!


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Choosing a dining room chair

How To Choose the Right Dining Room Chair Size

Choose the Right Dining Room Chair Size

Families spend hours sitting around the dining room – relaxing, studying, eating, and sharing stories. Make sure yours is comfortable.

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Amish Proverb

Amish Proverb About Wealth

“If you want to feel wealthy, count the blessings money can’t buy.”

– Amish Proverb

Emily Wignall

How To: Create A Welcoming Entry

A Guest Post by Interior Designer Emily Wignall


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raising boys Amish Proverb

Amish Proverb


Amish Proverb:

Raising Boys is as easy as digesting iron.


Meet the Amish Makers:

Mark & Sons


A fresh new perspective on creation & design comes courtesy of Mark’s seven sons, all anxious to prove their skills in their father’s renowned woodshop.

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Amish Proverb about Friendship

Amish Proverb About Friendship


Amish Proverb about Friendship: Kindness, When given away, keeps coming back.

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Recipe-Inspired Two-Tone Beds

Because Nothing is Better than Breakfast in Bed (or, you know, desert . . . )

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