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Meet the Amish Makers:

The Mt. Eaton Collection

Meet the Amish Makers at the Amish woodshop that crafts our Mt. Eaton Collection – one of our most diverse and unusual woodshops.

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DutchCrafters' Christmas Gift Guides | Gifts Under $50

Christmas Gift Guides 2014 | Under $50

We don’t often sing the praises of lower-priced items (where we’re from, quality trumps cost every day), but when we find amazing Amish products priced just right for the stuffing of the stockings, well . . . this gift guide is what you get! :-)

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family christmas

Family Christmas Traditions: 3 Things to Do with Children this Holiday Season

Oh, those small Christmas annoyances! There’s the shopping and the parking, the wrapping and the traffic, the endless lists and the omnipresent music . . . give your family AND yourself a break from all that with these five old-fashioned family Christmas traditions.

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Emily Wignall

How To: Figure Out Your Dining Room Style

A Guest Post by Interior Designer Emily Wignall

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Space Saver: Corner Fireplace

Looking for added square footage but still want that pleasant and homey focal point of a fireplace?

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Dutchcrafters'Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair

DutchCrafters’ Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair!


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Choosing a dining room chair

How To Choose the Right Dining Room Chair Size

Choose the Right Dining Room Chair Size

Families spend hours sitting around the dining room – relaxing, studying, eating, and sharing stories. Make sure yours is comfortable.

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Amish Proverb

Amish Proverb About Wealth

“If you want to feel wealthy, count the blessings money can’t buy.”

– Amish Proverb

Emily Wignall

How To: Create A Welcoming Entry

A Guest Post by Interior Designer Emily Wignall


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raising boys Amish Proverb

Amish Proverb


Amish Proverb:

Raising Boys is as easy as digesting iron.

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