4 Garden Wood Seats for Your Outdoor Nook!

4 Wood Garden Seats for Your Outdoor Nook

Sometimes, all you need to complete a dream is the right place to sit and ponder it. Hidden in a sprawling English garden, or tucked under a single leafy tree, a cozy outdoor nook with wood garden seats can fit perfectly into your daydreams.

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Three Modern Rules of Rustic Hickory Furniture

3 Modern Rules of Rustic Hickory Furniture

Cozy and kinda crafty, rustic hickory furniture (too often!) gets a bad rap for being thematic and over-the-top. Let us help you get the look you crave – think a little more Aspen, a little less Abraham Lincoln.  Like what you see? 10% OFF ALL HICKORY for a limited time – use code: HICKORYS at checkout :-)

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Organize Your Hutch 5

5 Steps to an Organized, Display-Worthy Corner Hutch

It’s not that it’s hard to organize a corner hutch in your dining room or kitchen, it’s just that . . . well, it’s such an easy task to overlook.  Read more…

How to Decorate a Dining Room Buffet for a Party

How to Decorate a Dining Room Buffet

Got a party coming up? A dining room buffet  is an excellent place to start decorating! If you take a few minutes to plan the layout, you’ll be able to use your buffet table not only as a party-food server, but also as your decoration central.

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What Your Traditional Entertainment Center says about YOU!

What Your Traditional TV Entertainment Center Says About You

America is tuning back into the traditional TV entertainment center (sometimes in the form of media rooms and home theaters) for tv media storage, after a short-lived phase of attempting to blend televisions into decor at all costs. So let’s talk about what that gorgeous, traditional wood entertainment center says about you!

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Three Ways to Use a Foyer Storage Bench

3 Ways to Use A Foyer Storage Bench

In truth, the foyer storage bench goes by many names: hall bench, entry storage bench, shoe storage bench, entry hall bench tree rack (okay, we made that last one up).

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How to Choose Cozy Living Room Furniture - A Winter's Guide by DutchCrafters

How to Choose Cozy Living Room Furniture: A Winter’s Guide by DutchCrafters

It’s cold, frosty, and bitter outside, and you’re thinking “tea with slippers” will be the order of the day through March. Here are three ways to choose cozy living room furniture that matches your mindset (and will still wow come springtime).

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Top 14 Valentine's Day Gifts to Fit Your Budget and Your Love!

Top 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Fit Your Budget & Your Love!

We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day 2015! With so many heirloom-quality, handmade options to choose from, we put together a list of our best Valentine’s Day gifts by interest & budget . . . time to fall in love!

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#KnowledgeGrab - Epiphany or Old Christmas: An Amish Holiday Tradition explained by Timber to Table, the DutchCrafters blog

#KnowledgeGrab – Epiphany or Old Christmas: An Amish Holiday Tradition

On January 6th, the Amish get an extra dose of Old Christmas cheer. So what is this Amish Holiday Tradition all about?

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Emily Wignall

How To: Create a Cozy Corner for the Winter!

A Guest Post by Interior Designer Emily Wignall

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