raising boys Amish Proverb

Amish Proverb


Amish Proverb:

Raising Boys is as easy as digesting iron.


Meet the Amish Makers:

Mark & Sons


A fresh new perspective on creation & design comes courtesy of Mark’s seven sons, all anxious to prove their skills in their father’s renowned woodshop.

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Amish Proverb about Friendship

Amish Proverb About Friendship


Amish Proverb about Friendship: Kindness, When given away, keeps coming back.

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Recipe-Inspired Two-Tone Beds

Because Nothing is Better than Breakfast in Bed (or, you know, desert . . . )

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Amish Proverb



This Amish Proverb reminds us that the most important things in life are already close to us :-) Original artwork shows a photo of one of our woodshops’ upholstery tables, with crafty little pouches for holding necessities.

Gun  Cabinet Options

Gun Cabinet Options: Cave, Cottage, and Camp!

Because you can do better than the linen closet.

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Three New Hutch Ideas

Three New Hutch Ideas: Going Beyond the Dining Room

A beautiful hutch can be so much more than Grandmother’s dining room staple.  Read more…

Fall Relaxation with Dutchcrafters outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Ideas for the Incoming Season!

Take the chill out of the ‘Ber months with these cozy concepts!

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Amish Proverbs
home trends dutchcrafters

Pantone + DutchCrafters Home Trends Fall 2014

Fall into DutchCrafters’ On-Trend Fabrics this Season

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