Yoder Stacked Chairs

Meet the Amish Makers:

The Yoder Brothers

Yoder Signature

In the Amish community, talking about “the Yoder brothers” is a bit like us English folk (as they refer to us) talking about “the Jones boys” or “the Smith sisters;” Read more…


Amish Thimble Cookies, Plus Several Life Lessons

In Which I Discover That Simple Pleasures Can Require Hard Work

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Summer Solstice 2014

Amish Father

An Amish Father’s Day Tip

As You Might Imagine, It’s a Simple Concept

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#KnowledgeGrab – Whit Monday

As some of us here at DutchCrafters are returning from a whirlwind trip to Indiana (more on that over the next few weeks!), our Amish brethren in the woodshops that we visited are taking today off! Why is that, exactly, and what is Whit Monday, anyway?

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not just a TV

The Unexpected Focal Points in Decorating . . .

 . . .  And Why You’ve Never Noticed Them

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#KnowledgeGrab – Ascension Day

If you ever thought that perhaps the Amish woodworkers that create our DutchCrafters furniture worked a mite too hard, not to worry — today is a holiday for them! Read on for a quick #KnowledgeGrab on Ascension Day for the Amish in America.

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Memorial Day Printables!

From Simple to Sweet, Memorial Day Printables to Make Your Holiday Easier

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Two Simply Perfect Mother’s Day Ideas

Because Mom Taught Us Well; It IS the Thought That Counts

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Dutchcrafters Dark Furniture Light Walls and Rug

How to Brighten a Room With Dark Furniture

7 Inspiring Ways to Create a Light Space Around Dark Pieces

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