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Wood Finishing Ultra-Bond Adhesion Promoter 8 oz.

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Wood Finishing Ultra-Bond Adhesion Promoter

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Ultra-Bond Adhesion Promoter is a concentrated No VOC's Acrylic Binder that is in water. When combined with Real Milk Paint Ultrabond will give a greater adhesion to non-porous surfaces and previously painted surfaces.

Ultra-Bond Adhesion Promoter when mixed with 25% to 75% liquid Real Milk Paint will adhere to surfaces such as metal, glass, previously painted or finished surfaces and some plastics. Always do a test for compatibility and allow 24 hours to dry.

Read our linked content article on How to Apply Real Milk Paint on Unknown Surface for more information.

Surface Preparation:

  1. Surface should be clean of any wax, grease of silicone residue. Clean with TSP or other non-residue cleaner.
  2. Scuff sand surface to promote mechanical adhesion.
  3. Mix 25% Ultra-Bond to 75% liquid Real Milk Paint ®. Apply this as the first coat.
  4. Paint remaining coats with unadulterated (pure) Real Milk Paint ®.
  5. Always do a test and allow 24 hours to dry before full application.

8 oz. - admixes 2 pints

Physical Properties:
Color: white, dries clear
Consistency: viscosity of skim milk, thickens when added to milk paint
Solubility: water miscible
Odor: sweet smell, no odor when dry
Dry time: approx. 1 hour
Stability: stable
Shelf life: 1 year
Toxicity: non-toxic

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Good evening.

I thought I would give you some information regarding the driver that dropped off my bed. He was right on time, very polite, provided me with some good information on the bed, professional, and most of all, he sold me on using your company for my next purchase.

Rick S.
Hi Natalie,
I just wanted to let you know that my corner entertainment center was delivered today and it is a beautiful piece of furniture! Thank you for all your help with my order.

It’s not set up yet (my husband is the a/v guy), but I wanted to send you a picture to show you how nice it is. Also, the picture does’t do it justice. It is a much richer deeper color than is shown here.
Betsy F
Hello Alicia,

We received our island yesterday. It was well worth the wait! The quality is unlike any piece of furniture that we have ever owned. Just BEAUTIFUL. You helped me every step of the way. Without the samples that you sent me I could have never picked this out!! I stumbled across DuctchCrafters on the web and once I spoke with you I was very confident that I found a quality place. You made up my mind :)

Thanks again for everything,

I forgot to add that Garry and his delivery service delivered my island in perfect condition and it arrived exactly when Garry told me it would. Even your delivery people are awesome..thanks again.
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