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Gifts for Her Under $100

Gifts for Her Under $100

Lovely little things for the one you love

Heartwarming and handcrafted gifts for her, all under $100. American made, Amish gifts that are sure to bring a smile to her face any day of the year!

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Handcrafted Garden Basket Planters
(Product ID: 7809)
Base Price: $10.00

"Cherish The Simple Things" Shelf Setter Sign
(Product ID: 48710)
Base Price: $14.00

American Made Come Sit On Our Porch Inspirational Print
(Product ID: 48711)
Base Price: $14.00

Faith, Family and Friends Print - Made in the USA
(Product ID: 48713)
Base Price: $14.00

Rustic Wood Sign Live, Love, Laugh
(Product ID: 48720)
Base Price: $14.00

Inspirational Print - Faith Family Friends
(Product ID: 48731)
Base Price: $12.00

Faith, Hope, Love Wood Sign
(Product ID: 48732)
Base Price: $12.00

Primitive Cherish The Simple Things Shelf Setter
(Product ID: 48770)
Base Price: $5.00

American Made Count Your Blessings Inspirational Sign
(Product ID: 48772)
Base Price: $5.00

Inspirational Sign Faith, Family and Friends
(Product ID: 48774)
Base Price: $5.00

Chunky Wood Block Sign Home Sweet Home
(Product ID: 48784)
Base Price: $5.00

American Made No Complaining Sign
(Product ID: 48794)
Base Price: $5.00

American Made Teachers Touch Lives Wood Sign
(Product ID: 48798)
Base Price: $5.00

Today Is A Gift Inspirational Sign
(Product ID: 48799)
Base Price: $5.00

American Made Always Give Thanks Signs
(Product ID: 48841)
Base Price: $7.00

American "Always Have Faith" 3-Piece Shelf Setter
(Product ID: 48845)
Base Price: $7.00

Count Your Blessings Sign - Made in the USA
(Product ID: 48856)
Base Price: $7.00

American Made Grandma's House Inspirational Print
(Product ID: 52496)
Base Price: $5.00

American Made Happily Ever After Inspirational Print
(Product ID: 52497)
Base Price: $5.00

Oak Wood Bookends with Wooden Train
(Product ID: 46366)
Base Price: $76.00

Hardwood Mission Bookends
(Product ID: 46883)
Base Price: $48.00

Hardwood Mission Plain Shelf
(Product ID: 47011)
Base Price: $76.00

Oak Wood Plain Shelf
(Product ID: 47213)
Base Price: $52.00

Oak Wood Plain Shelf with Rail
(Product ID: 47214)
Base Price: $79.30

Hardwood Shaker Shelf
(Product ID: 47217)
Base Price: $68.80

Soy Candles Unwined Candles Handcrafted in America
(Product ID: 54663)
Base Price: $24.00

Essential Oils Goats Milk Soap
(Product ID: 6329)
Base Price: $5.00

Hardwood Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack
(Product ID: 47260)
Base Price: $86.00
Outdoor Furniture

Poly Split Peanut Bird Feeder with Suet Cages
(Product ID: 52823)
Base Price: $27.00

Mounted Gazebo Garden Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 2218)
Base Price: $91.00

Hanging Gazebo Garden Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 2219)
Base Price: $81.00

Country Store Garden Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 2222)
Base Price: $119.00

Main Street Garden Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 4586)
Base Price: $91.00

4' Painted Post for Birdfeeder, Birdhouse or Mailbox
(Product ID: 31308)
Base Price: $23.00

Small Poly Hexagon Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 41356)
Base Price: $119.00

Large Poly Rectangle Bird Feeder with Suet
(Product ID: 41387)
Base Price: $75.00

Poly Upside Down Suet Feeder
(Product ID: 41389)
Base Price: $25.00

Small Poly Rectangle Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 41391)
Base Price: $45.00

Shapz Cut-Out Garden Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 43248)
Base Price: $44.00

Rustic Stake Bird Feeder with Wooden Roof
(Product ID: 43256)
Base Price: $36.00

Cove Side Recycled Plastic Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 47581)
Base Price: $71.00

Deluxe Recycled Plastic Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 47582)
Base Price: $65.00

Recycled Poly Suet Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 47583)
Base Price: $56.00

Poly Hopper Eco Friendly Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 47598)
Base Price: $45.00

Poly Classic Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 47599)
Base Price: $28.00

Small Poly Lumber Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 47602)
Base Price: $33.00

Bird-Shaped Hanging Feeder - Choose Your Bird!
(Product ID: 50979)
Base Price: $35.00

Poly Oriole Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 51264)
Base Price: $22.00

Poly Post Mount Bluebird Feeder
(Product ID: 52804)
Base Price: $30.00

Poly Hanging Bluebird Feeder
(Product ID: 52805)
Base Price: $30.00

Poly Lumber Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52807)
Base Price: $25.00

Poly Large Hanging Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52808)
Base Price: $34.00

Poly Deluxe Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52809)
Base Price: $40.00

Poly Double Deluxe Bird Feeder with Suet Cages
(Product ID: 52810)
Base Price: $82.00

Poly Fly-Through Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52811)
Base Price: $36.00

Poly Split Peanut Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52813)
Base Price: $22.00

Recycled Poly Upside Down Peanut Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52814)
Base Price: $25.00

Poly Small Upside Down Suet Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52815)
Base Price: $21.00

Poly Hanging Tray Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52817)
Base Price: $22.00

Recycled Poly Small Hanging Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52822)
Base Price: $15.00

Poly Double Deluxe Tray Bird Feeder
(Product ID: 52826)
Base Price: $82.00

Painted Garden Bird House with Cedar Roof
(Product ID: 2209)
Base Price: $30.00

Church Bird House
(Product ID: 2210)
Base Price: $28.00

Garden Bird House with Porch
(Product ID: 2211)
Base Price: $25.00

Bird House with Porch and Chimney
(Product ID: 2212)
Base Price: $38.00

Rustic Bird House
(Product ID: 2213)
Base Price: $23.00

Noah's Ark Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 2214)
Base Price: $49.00

Log Cabin GBird House
(Product ID: 2215)
Base Price: $51.00

Mill Cabin Bird House
(Product ID: 2216)
Base Price: $63.00

Red Country Barn Bird House
(Product ID: 2217)
Base Price: $70.00

Painted Small Barn Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 2228)
Base Price: $30.00

Flip-Front Bluebird Bird House
(Product ID: 2229)
Base Price: $27.00

Mailbox-Style Wren Bird House
(Product ID: 2231)
Base Price: $33.00

Small His-and-Hers Outhouse Bird House
(Product ID: 2235)
Base Price: $31.00

His-And-Hers Outhouse Bird House
(Product ID: 2236)
Base Price: $46.00

Lighthouse Bird House and Feeder
(Product ID: 2241)
Base Price: $106.00

Bird House and Feeder Bed and Breakfast
(Product ID: 2252)
Base Price: $100.00

"Welcome" Picket Fence Bird House
(Product ID: 2253)
Base Price: $97.00

Rustic Outhouse Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 2293)
Base Price: $35.00

Rustic Painted Outhouse Bird House
(Product ID: 2295)
Base Price: $35.00

Little Star Garden Bird House with Porch
(Product ID: 2296)
Base Price: $51.00

Painted Trio Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 2297)
Base Price: $83.00

Tall Wood Painted Bird House
(Product ID: 2298)
Base Price: $51.00

Big Star Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 2299)
Base Price: $50.00

Little Star Bird House
(Product ID: 2300)
Base Price: $43.00

Painted Rustic Wren Bird House
(Product ID: 2301)
Base Price: $35.00

Triple Townhouse Bird House with Tin Roof
(Product ID: 4584)
Base Price: $57.00

Poly 3-Hole Hexagon Bird House
(Product ID: 41386)
Base Price: $99.00

Fence Mounted Poly Bluebird House
(Product ID: 41390)
Base Price: $25.00

Shapz Pentagon Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 43242)
Base Price: $31.00

Diamond Modern Bird House
(Product ID: 43243)
Base Price: $31.00

Right-Angle Modern Bird House
(Product ID: 43244)
Base Price: $31.00

Modern Square Bird House
(Product ID: 43245)
Base Price: $31.00

Retro Triangle Bird House
(Product ID: 43246)
Base Price: $31.00

Shapz Circular Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 43247)
Base Price: $31.00

Log Cabin Bird House with Cedar Roof
(Product ID: 43249)
Base Price: $39.00

Moose Bird House
(Product ID: 43250)
Base Price: $54.00

Amish-Made Witch's Hat Bird House
(Product ID: 43251)
Base Price: $32.00

Amish-Made Berry Bird House
(Product ID: 43252)
Base Price: $33.00

Rustic Wooden Stake Bird House
(Product ID: 43254)
Base Price: $36.00

Wooden Stake Bird House with Tin Roof
(Product ID: 43255)
Base Price: $36.00

White Plastic Gourd Martin Bird House
(Product ID: 43258)
Base Price: $41.00

Rustic His-and-Hers Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 51293)
Base Price: $25.00

Bark Wood Star Bird House
(Product ID: 51294)
Base Price: $25.00

Rustic Moon Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 51296)
Base Price: $19.00

Rustic Garden Wren House
(Product ID: 51297)
Base Price: $25.00

Rustic Barn-Style Bird House - Small
(Product ID: 51299)
Base Price: $25.00

Rustic Barn-Style Bird House - Medium
(Product ID: 51300)
Base Price: $30.00

American Rustic Garden Bird House with Metal Roof
(Product ID: 51301)
Base Price: $29.00

Rustic Mailbox-Style Bird House
(Product ID: 51302)
Base Price: $19.00

Rustic Traditionalist Bird House
(Product ID: 51303)
Base Price: $15.00

Rustic White Garden Bird House
(Product ID: 51333)
Base Price: $24.00

Rustic Tall Wren Bird House
(Product ID: 51334)
Base Price: $25.00

Rustic Bark Wood Wren Bird House
(Product ID: 51348)
Base Price: $15.00

Poly Bluebird House
(Product ID: 52820)
Base Price: $25.00

Poly Wren Bird House
(Product ID: 52821)
Base Price: $21.00

Vinyl White Outdoor Planter
(Product ID: 2380)
Base Price: $74.00

Round Flower Planter
(Product ID: 7810)
Base Price: $13.00

Wagon Wheel Rustic Window Box Planter
(Product ID: 12870)
Base Price: $49.00

Pacific Winds Ocean Breeze Wind Chime
(Product ID: 3383)
Base Price: $47.25

Pacific Winds Church Bell 65" Wind Chime
(Product ID: 3389)
Base Price: $86.40

Biblical Bells King David's Harp Wind Chime
(Product ID: 3424)
Base Price: $78.30

Biblical Bells Victory Bells of Jericho 45" Wind Chime
(Product ID: 3425)
Base Price: $86.40

Biblical Bells Harmonica 53" Wind Chime
(Product ID: 3426)
Base Price: $90.45

Biblical Bells Melody of the Heart 37" Wind Chime
(Product ID: 5141)
Base Price: $62.10

Rustic Rhythms Songbird 36" Wind Chime
(Product ID: 5143)
Base Price: $54.00

Ozark Echoes Solar Singer Wind Chime
(Product ID: 43315)
Base Price: $79.65

16" Painted Barn Star
(Product ID: 9017)
Base Price: $41.00

10" Painted Barn Star - Choose Your Color
(Product ID: 9018)
Base Price: $33.00

10" Rusty Barn Star
(Product ID: 9024)
Base Price: $30.00

Extra Large Custom Painted 53" Barn Star
(Product ID: 45908)
Base Price: $97.00
Bedroom Furniture

Hardwood Quilt Clamp
(Product ID: 47155)
Base Price: $84.00

Deluxe Jewelry Box
(Product ID: 11769)
Base Price: $138.00

Free Ground Shipping

Hardwood Medium Jewelry Box with Plain Lid
(Product ID: 46714)
Base Price: $106.00
Kids' Furniture & Toys

Oak Wood Aggravation Game 3-4 Players
(Product ID: 46266)
Base Price: $56.00

American Made Oak Aggravation Board Game
(Product ID: 46267)
Base Price: $89.00

Oak Wood Chinese Checkers Game
(Product ID: 46442)
Base Price: $50.00

Wooden Checker Board Game
(Product ID: 47445)
Base Price: $68.00

Hardwood Bench with Handle
(Product ID: 46297)
Base Price: $102.00

Oak Doll Bed with Spindles
(Product ID: 46539)
Base Price: $92.00

Indiana Mini Horse and Buggy
(Product ID: 46383)
Base Price: $20.00

Horse and Buggy Toy
(Product ID: 46385)
Base Price: $20.00

Walnut Open Horse and Buggy with Milk Cans Toy
(Product ID: 46386)
Base Price: $18.00

Walnut Wood Toy Horse and Buggy
(Product ID: 46387)
Base Price: $12.00

Mouse Box Surprise Toy
(Product ID: 47249)
Base Price: $20.79

Wooden Toys Tiny Timbers Set
(Product ID: 47257)
Base Price: $50.00
Dining Room Furniture

Handcrafted Large Exotic Wood Cutting Board
(Product ID: 46463)
Base Price: $84.00

Handcrafted Exotic Wood Cutting Board with Handle
(Product ID: 46465)
Base Price: $76.00

Handcrafted Wood Pizza Cutting Board
(Product ID: 46468)
Base Price: $52.00

Wood Paddle Cutting Board
(Product ID: 46515)
Base Price: $42.00

Rolling Pin Made of Maple and Walnut Wood
(Product ID: 47480)
Base Price: $44.00

Wooden Cookbook Holder
(Product ID: 46580)
Base Price: $52.00

Wood Recipe Box Made in the USA
(Product ID: 47169)
Base Price: $69.00

Oak Wood Double Recipe Box
(Product ID: 47170)
Base Price: $100.00

Hardwood Paper Towel Holder - Under Cabinet Mount
(Product ID: 47107)
Base Price: $64.00

Large Oak Paper Towel Holder with Apple Top
(Product ID: 47111)
Base Price: $44.00

Hardwood Mission Paper Towel Holder
(Product ID: 47112)
Base Price: $42.00

Wooden Coffee Mug Tree
(Product ID: 46955)
Base Price: $48.00

Wood Mug Tree
(Product ID: 46956)
Base Price: $68.00

Solid Wood Custom Lazy Susan with Napkin Holder
(Product ID: 46766)
Base Price: $82.00

American Made Tabletop Lazy Susan
(Product ID: 46768)
Base Price: $50.00

Hardwood Revolving Lazy Susan
(Product ID: 46770)
Base Price: $70.00

Oak Tabletop Lazy Susan with Napkin Holder
(Product ID: 46771)
Base Price: $100.30

Lazy Susan Set with Oil Lamp and Salt and Pepper Shakers
(Product ID: 46785)
Base Price: $49.00

Hardwood Square Mission Lazy Susan
(Product ID: 46929)
Base Price: $128.00

Decorative Mixed Wood Bowl Kings Style
(Product ID: 46368)
Base Price: $34.00

Mixed Wood Bowl
(Product ID: 46371)
Base Price: $32.00

Decorative Striped Wood Bowl
(Product ID: 46373)
Base Price: $32.00
Entryway Furniture and Mudroom Furniture

Oak Wood Coat Hanger
(Product ID: 46443)
Base Price: $32.00

Oak Wood Coat Rack
(Product ID: 46444)
Base Price: $50.00
Office Furniture

Hardwood Large Cookbook Stand or Bible Stand
(Product ID: 46457)
Base Price: $72.00

Hardwood Small Cookbook Stand or Bible Stand
(Product ID: 46458)
Base Price: $56.00

Hardwood Three Tier Letter Holder
(Product ID: 46789)
Base Price: $98.00

Wood Mail Organizer and Stamp Dispenser
(Product ID: 46819)
Base Price: $72.00
Living Room & Entertaining Furniture

Hardwood Slanted Mission Footstool
(Product ID: 46609)
Base Price: $110.00

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