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Amish Poly Oriole Bird Feeder
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Amish Poly Oriole Bird Feeder
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Amish Poly Oriole Bird Feeder

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Dimensions & Specifications

Single Bird Feeder Dimensions:
6" x 8" x 7" Tall
Jelly Hole Diameter: 3 1/8"

Standard Features:
Made of Poly Lumber
Removable Jelly Jar
Stainless Steel Screws
Amish Made in the USA

Available Colors:
Bright Orange
Lemon Yellow

Or combine any of the above to create a two-tone look!


Delivery Cost & Lead Time

Quality takes time. This product is expected to be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks.

Additional Information

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Amish Poly Oriole Bird Feeder Single Style

Wild Bird Feeders Collection

Nothing says summer like the sweet sound of birdsong - and nothing makes the birds sing like an Amish handcrafted bird feeder! This Oriole bird feeder is durable, versatile, and endlessly entertaining. Try different foods - varieties of seeds, bird feed, or even fruit jellies - to attract different birds to the feeder and help to make this summer the busiest ever in the skies above your garden. 

Additionally, this feeder's poly construction means it's as good for the birds as it is for the environment. Poly is an incredibly durable, low-impact material made from recycled milk jugs right here in the USA, so the vibrant colors and elegant design on this bird feeder will remain strong through seasons and seasons of use.

What Colors Attract Orioles

Orioles are most attracted to their own colors! To maximize the oriole traffic to your bird feeder, choose between orange, yellow, and black colors. Orioles are really drawn to the color orange, so make sure you include it in your selection! This product is only available in yellow, orange, and black color options specifically to attract orioles to your yard. 

Where to Place Oriole Feeder in Yard

Orioles can be shy or maybe a little aloof. It is best to place your oriole feeder in a quiet part of your yard so orioles can be away from other birds, people, or commotion in general. To help make them feel safe, try and put it near some form of cover in case they feel like they need to escape quickly. 

What do Orioles Like to Eat? 

Orioles aren't big seed eaters. They love insects and sweets! By sweets, we mean oranges, bananas, and other sweet fruits will provide orioles with natural sweet treats they love to eat! 

If you've got any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.