Qualities of Cedar Furniture

Cedar is a strong softwood. The majority of cedar used nationally is Western red and Aromatic cedar. Western red is most widely available in the U.S.

Cedar’s heartwood is reddish to pinkish brown with a pale-yellow sapwood. The sapwood can run through the heartwood in the form of streaks and stripes. Cedar has a straight grain with some knots present and a fine to medium texture. Its durability, affordability, and natural resistance to decay, along with its distinct scent that helps to repel insects, makes it a prime choice for outdoor wooden furniture. 

Look of Cedar Furniture

Cedar takes glue and finishes well. Some knots are present, but it is easy to work with. Its rustic nature lends itself to country style furniture, log furniture, hope chests, birdhouses, and planter boxes. Cedar is often left unfinished to maintain its scent. Naturally occurring oils help it to resist rot, decay, and insects, and it requires little maintenance. 

Samples of Stain Finishes on Cedar Wood

Cedar’s straight grain and fine to medium texture hold finished well, but it is often left unfinished to preserve its scent. 

Cedar Wood with Cedar Stain


Cedar Wood with Gray Stain


Cedar Wood with Linden Leaf Stain

Linden Leaf

Cedar Wood with Mushroom Stain


Cedar Wood with Oak Stain


Cedar Wood with Walnut Stain


Natural Characteristics of Cedar Wood

Cedar is a stable and strong wood with a reddish-brown tint with streaks of light golden brown. This strained grained wood features knots and imperfections. Its aromatic scent that repels insects, ability to resist decay, and low-maintenance nature make it a popular choice for outdoor and log furniture, hope chests, and closet interiors. 

Cedar Chest with Streaks and Knots Example
Natural streaks and knots on cedar wood chairs with attached table sample
Cedar Wood Pergola with Natural Imperfections Sample
The red heartwood streaked with yellow sapwood prominently displayed on a hope chest


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