Rustic Hickory Furniture


Rustic Hickory Furniture - The Perfect Way to Decorate Your Cabin

How It All Began

The journey of our rustic hickory furniture starts in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country, where a father hands down a craft to his son, which has been part of the family tradition for many generations before him.  These unique skills offer a way to turn hickory saplings into beautiful pieces of heirloom quality furniture.  The father and son work side by side building not only furniture, but a bond that grows stronger every day. Through quality craftsmanship and a superior product they have harvested their skills and love for woodworking into a successful business that produces hundreds of magnificent and unique pieces of furniture every year!


How Do They Do It?

Each piece of furniture begins life as a sapling that is harvested from their land in Ohio.

The hickory must be harvested between October and April in order to keep the bark intact.  This approach gives total control of the finished product from beginning to end, ensuring the highest quality of hardwood for your new furniture.  Alongside the quality, this method of harvesting the hardwood is also responsible and environmentally sustainable.  Hickory saplings grow very quick and their personal forest is always offering a fresh supply of beautiful hardwood.  This responsibly harvested furniture ensures that forests stay healthy and new growth is constant.


Hickory Furniture Milling

The Milling Process

Once harvested, each sapling is then milled with an old style circular saw and shaped specifically for each order.  This leaves room for little to no waste with the saplings and results in a unique piece of furniture that is handcrafted just for you!  This also allows for a hands-on-quality for this collection that you will not get from traditionally mass-produced furniture typically offered in stores.

Hickory Furniture


Steam Bending

The hickory sticks used are steam bent, using steam, pressure, and time to achieve the perfect bend.



After the furniture is constructed, the craftsmen then begin the hand-sanding process. The un-finished furniture is then brought to the finishing shop for staining or painting.



This process of hand-sanding and finishing, rather than machine sanding and finishing, adds beautiful curves and brings out the character of the wood.

This extraordinary process really brings your Rustic Cabin Hickory furniture to life!




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