Qualities of Rustic Cherry Wood Furniture

Rustic cherry wood is simply a more natural, less refined version of cherry wood. Rustic cherry wood features characteristics of cherry along with irregularities like knots, advanced grain variations, and mineral streaks. The natural and handmade nature of rustic cherry wood makes for gorgeous solid wood furniture that fits country, cabin, and cottage style homes. 

Look of Rustic Cherry Furniture

Rustic cherry has a yellowish-white sapwood and a darker heartwood. The colors in rustic cherry wood include variations of white, brown, and deep red, and can vary from mild to dramatic. Rustic means including natural knots, mineral streaks, and imperfections as well as more grain variation. It finishes well, bringing out the beautiful range of colors of the wood, and it can be shaped easily. Popular choices for finishing rustic cherry wood are browns and greys. 

Samples of Stain Finishes on Rustic Cherry Wood

Rustic cherry wood looks beautiful with a natural finish or rich colored stains. 

Rustic Cherry with Natural Stain


Rustic Cherry with Medium Stain


Rustic Cherry with Michaels Cherry Stain

Michael's Cherry

Rustic Cherry with Washington Stain


Rustic Cherry with Acres Stain


Rustic Cherry with Antique Slate Stain

Antique Slate

Natural Characteristics of Rustic Cherry Wood

Rustic cherry is a rugged version of cherry wood. Natural variations like mineral streaks, knots, small grain burls, pitch pockets, gum in the wood, and grain distortions may be present. It is important to note that the degree of rustic elements may vary by woodshop. Rustic cherry wood furniture will darken with exposure to light, developing a rich patina.

Rustic Cherry Advanced Grain Pattern Example
Rustic Cherry Color Ranges Examples
Rustic Cherry Knot Example
Rustic Cherry Mineral Streak


If you have any questions about rustic cherry wood furniture, please email or call a furniture specialist toll-free at 866-272-6773.


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