JMX Brands Installs Solar Panels at its Sarasota Headquarters and DutchCrafters Showroom

Debra Gingerich 04/05/2022

As a demonstration of its core value of sustainability, JMX Brands has installed solar panels at its office headquarters in Sarasota, Fla. The largest online retailer of Amish furniture at will be a net carbon neutral office upon the completion of the project.

The Photovoltaic System is estimated to produce 54,111 kWH of electricity per year. At this level of production, JMX Brands will be able to offset its entire energy usage for one year. This includes harvesting sunlight power for the 12,000 square foot office, the DutchCrafters Sarasota Showroom and breakroom space.

“This investment in solar panels will yield financial benefits,” said JMX Brands CEO Jim Miller. “It will effectively eliminate our electric bill, paying for itself inside a decade. Additionally, it will make us carbon neutral at Lockwood Ridge – a tangible investment in ecological sustainability.”

The solar panel installation was overseen by the Sustainability Committee at JMX Brands.

“We hope to set examples of a sustainable business model for both other local businesses and within our industry supply chain partners,” said Sustainability Committee Chairperson Steve Doe.

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