B2B Profiles

CBS is one of the most watched channels for news, children’s shows, prime time, and late night viewing. Still Standing is one of their beloved prime time hits. Still Standing is a charming sitcom about a married couple trying to balance work and family while remaining lighthearted. A behind-the-scenes station member contacted us while preparing for a shoot in the kids room. The shoot would involve the kids under the bed.

In order to optimize the appearance of the set, station members wanted a pair of nice legs to suggest a fabulous bed frame. Thinking outside of the box, we were able to quickly provide them with table legs that matched their vision. Our table legs combine the contemporary elegance with household appeal, creating the perfect atmosphere for their show. Our table legs were used on the set the next day during the filming of the episode.

Visit their website at www.cbs.com/primetime/still_standing