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Founded by John D. Rockefeller, the Lincoln Center Theater in New York City prides itself on presenting quality performances at reasonable prices so that the arts are available to the masses. Every year, thousands of tickets are distributed to culturally undeserved populations. They also produce special performances for the hearing-impaired.

In 2006, the theater performed Bernarda Alba: A Musical, depicting the struggles of a mother and her daughters living in a small town. The musical is based on a play by Federico García Lorca, which was written at the dawn of the Spanish Civil War. It carries through themes of political allegory, reflecting the backdrop of Lorca’s time.

Anticipating the popularity of the performance, the Lincoln Center Theater staff contacted DutchCrafters. They ordered eleven of our Shaker Dining Arm Chairs with Sarasota Natural upholstered seats to help accommodate extra seating for the audience. The chairs were built using cherry wood, complimenting the elegant and transitory atmosphere of theater. The chairs were delivered to the theater with plenty of time to spare before the opening night.

Visit the Lincoln Center Theater website at www.lct.org/index.cfm

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