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Cedar Hope Chests

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Cedar Hope Chests

A Hope Chest in the United States, also referred to as a Blanket Chest, Glory Box, or Trousseau, is a beautiful hardwood storage piece that has a long history in the furniture world. Originally, Hope Chests were used to collect items of clothing or household linen by unmarried young women in anticipation of married life. The presentation of a Hope Chest was seen as a tradition coming-of-age rite in the 1950's, and typically viewed as the first step on the road to marriage.

Today, the legacy carries on, offering a gift solution that will leave a lasting impression. Shop our beautifully handmade Amish Hope Chests, Blanket Chests, Cedar Chests, and Trunks and give the perfect wedding gift, grad gift or special place to store your favorite items.

Common Uses of Hope Chests Today

Today, cedar hope chests are commonly used at bed ends, more often than not to store sheets, linens, and blankets. They are a fine complement to almost any bedroom furniture set and are also commonly used as alternatives to cheap plastic toy chests by parents seeking to maintain charm and grace in their living room or playrooms - providing a piece that can be used into adulthood and passed down from generation to generation.

A cedar hope chest can also be a convenient way to store your winter clothing or shoes while providing a beautiful, lively scent to anything in the chest - with the natural cedar wood offering moisture management and natural insect repellent that will keep everything in tip-top shape. Explore the wonderful possibilities of incorporating a handcrafted Amish cedar chest into your decor.

Cedar Hope Chests, Blanket Chests, and Trunks

Wooden Trunks

Traditionally used for travel, trunks were crafted from hardwood and provided durable storage to hold up to the transportation methods of the day.  While similar to a Hope Chest, our Amish Made Trunks will provide a useful storage piece that provides a timeless look for any decor.  Crafted from solid hardwood, with bold panels, accent corner and lid hardware and locks, the trunks we offer are made to last a lifetime!  Choose the perfect piece to match your space or give one to your loved ones as a gift they will cherish forever!

Hope Chests Amish Made from DutchCrafters

DutchCrafters carries one of the largest collections of handcrafted, hardwood Hope Chests. If you have any troubles finding what you're looking for, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact DutchCrafters at 1-866-272-6773.


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