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Amish Laundry Hampers

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Amish Made Laundry Hampers Hampers

You might find that our Amish Made Hampers are something that you want to display instead of hiding them away in your closet.  These hampers are made from a variety of materials that best suites your needs.  These materials range from solid wood to environmentally friendly, recycled materials.  Our Amish made hampers will last a long time and will not need to be replaced after a year of use.

Laundry Hamper Styles

  1. Flip top laundry hampers open so that you can conceal your clothes.  
  2. Tilt out laundry bin some with drawers.  
  3. Open top laundry bins for easy access to throw your clothes in.  
  4. Double laundry hamper for sorting his and hers, light and dark or separating out dry cleaning.  


12/6/2016 12:51:32 AM