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Amish Grand Shaker Solid Wood Leg Dining Table
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Amish Grand Shaker Solid Wood Leg Dining Table

Amish Grand Shaker Solid Wood Leg Dining Table

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Dimensions & Specifications

Width: 36"
Length: 36"
Height: 30"
Top Thickness: 1"

Other Table Sizes Available
36" W x 48" L
36" W x 52" L
36" W x 60" L
36" W x 66" L
36" W x 72" L
42" W x 42" L
42" W x 54" L
42" W x 60" L
42" W x 66" L
42" W x 72" L
48" W x 48" L
48" W x 54" L
48" W x 60" L
48" W x 66" L
48" W x 72" L
54" W x 36" L
54" W x 54" L Solid Top No Extensions Available
60" W x 42" L
60" W x 60" L Solid Top No Extensions Available
72" W x 54" L

36" x 36", 36" x 48", 42" W x 42" L, 42" W x 54" L, 48" W x 48" L, 48" W x 54" L Available with 1 - 12" Leaf or 2 - 12" Leaves
36" x 52", 36" x 60", 36" x 66", 36" x 72", 42" x 60", 42" x 66", 42" x 72", 48" x 60", 48" x 66", 48" x 72" Available with up to 4- 12" leaves
54" W x 36" L, 60" W x 42" L & 72"W x 54" L Available with 1 - 18" Leaf, No Solid Top Available
36" W, 42" W, 48" W Available with 6 - 12" Leaves, 8 - 12" Leaves, 10 - 12" Leaves, 12 - 12" Leaves, 14 - 12" Leaves
54" W x 54" L Solid Top No Extensions Available
60" W x 60" L Solid Top No Extensions Available

Center Legs
If 3 or more extensions are selected a center leg will be included in the table price.
If 8 or more extensions are selected two center legs will be included in the table price.

Note: Tables 54" long and shorter are designed for no more than 2 extensions.
Note: All Extensions Except Butterfly for 36" Wide Table Include Skirting

Wood Options
Hard Maple
Quarter Sawn White Oak
Brown Maple
Elm Top with Brown Maple Base

Standard Features
Wooden Slides
Amish Handcrafted in the USA
100% Hardwood Construction
20-Year Limited Warranty
Solid Hardwood Top

Optional Features
Choice of Hardwood & Finish
Custom Sizes
Choice of Edge Profile
Leaf Storage Cabinet
Hand-Planed Tops
V-Groove Top
Extensions or Butterfly Leaf
Drawer in Solid Hardwood Top

Finish Packages
- Stained
- Painted
- Regular Semi Gloss Conversion Varnish
- Flat Matte Sheen Conversion Varnish
- Light Distressing - Customers can expect to receive glazing to replicate a rich natural patina, light distressing, slightly eased edges, nicks and extensive pinholes in the furniture.
-Heavy Distressing - Our ultimate antique finish. Rub-through of the rich patina are masterfully punctuated with another level of extensive nicks, pin holes, eased edges, simulated cracks and other distressing techniques to bespeak several centuries of robust wear and loving care.

Shown in Cherry Wood with our Washington Cherry Stain

Delivery Cost & Lead Time

Quality takes time. This product is expected to be delivered in 12 to 14 weeks.
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Additional Information

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Amish Grand Shaker Solid Wood Leg Dining Table

From Our Leola Collection

This Grand Shaker Solid Wood Leg Dining Table is Amish handcrafted for each customer, and thus fully customizable.  You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, extensions options, tabletop looks, hardwoods and special finishing packages to build your dream dining or kitchen table.  

The table is shown in cherry wood with our Washington Cherry stain but many other hardwoods and finishes are available.  Call to order wood and finish samples to help you finalize this decision.  Cherry wood with a natural finish is our most popular Shaker furniture selection.  

The beautifully tapered legs and simple look are classic Shaker style.  Shaker furniture fits in well with contemporary homes or someone looking for transitional furniture pieces.  

Make Family Memories Around Your Grand Shaker Table

A family dining table is so much more than a place to eat.  It is a treasured piece of furniture because it holds memories of time shared together, nights of kids doing homework, games with laughter, messy art projects, family talks, and prayers said around it.  Our Grand Shaker dining room table is sure to become the gathering place in your home.   Dining tables are what makes a home feel like home.  Around the table is where life happens.  This Grand Shaker dining table will become an heirloom piece for generations.  

History of Grand Shaker Furniture

The Grand Shakers were similar to the Amish in many ways except that they actually valued technology because it saved time in furniture making so they, in turn, could then have more time worshiping God.  This religious sect was originally from England and immigrated to America with the prophet Ann Lee in 1774. The name Grand Shaker originated from this group actually shaking and dancing with joy when they worshiped.  They were the Shaking Quakers or Shakers.  

The Grand Shakers believed in living a humble, pure, simple and honest life.  These beliefs were reflected in the furniture that they built.  They didn't believe in being dishonest in their furniture construction techniques, therefore, you can expect amazing quality in Shaker furniture.  Corners were not cut and no ornate carvings, elaborate hardware, veneers or inlays were used as these were considered deceitful.  Dovetailing and mortise and tenon construction are just some of the quality features of Grand Shaker furniture.  The hardwoods used were all local American cherry, maple or pine wood and not imported.  

The Grand Shaker chair is the most popular and well-known piece of Shaker furniture.  Ladderbacks, woven seats, straight lines, stained or painted often in reds, blues, greens or yellows are characteristics of the Shaker dining chair.  These chairs were built to be hung up on the wall with pegs so they were out of the way when not in use.  

The Shaker style places a strong emphasis on function and form. This lack of formal decorations brings out the full beauty of the solid hardwoods. Unpretentious, plain and simple is the trademark of the Shaker furniture style.  Our Amish woodworkers still bring the same Shaker values into DutchCrafters Shaker furniture.  


Please feel free to call our Amish furniture specialists at 1-941-867-2233 with any questions or ordering assistance on this Shaker dining room table.  They are available to help you find the perfect Shaker furniture or contemporary furniture for your home or business.