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Finishes, Oils, Paints & PolishWelcome to DutchCrafters Collection of Heirloom Essential Polishes, Tung Oils, and Finishes!

DutchCrafters carries some of the finest polishes, finishes and tung oils for heirloom quality hardwood furniture available! Our solid hardwoods are stunning, but like any wood, they require maintenance to preserve their beauty over time (Beauty Wort Preserving).

Superior Polishes and Oils

Our superior, heirloom quality polishes come in a wide variety of scents for you and your home. Moisturize, preserve, and shine. Nearly all of our fine heirloom furniture polishes are both silicone and wax free!  These polishes are perfect for any wood type from beautiful fine cherry wood furniture to study traditional white oak furniture.

In addition, our famous Tung Oil provides a flexible, waterproof finish and resists abrasions, blisters, peeling and mold!  Tung Oil is quickly becoming the popular finish for our cherry wood furniture to give it a natural look.  You will just need to reapply the Tung Oil to the cherry wood furniture once or twice a year for protection. 

We even have the perfect micro-fiber towels for application of our heirloom essential preservation products! Micro-fiber towels will not scratch or damage your furniture, and they are ideal for an well-dispersed, even polish application!

Feel Free to Call with Questions

We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our Furniture Polishes, Tung Oils, and Finishes. While our polishes and oils are the best, we still recommend you check with the manufacturer of your heirloom quality furniture before treating furniture with any new products. Please call us, for assistance from a knowledgeable and experienced furniture specialist. 1-941-867-2233.