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What is an Amish Mattress?

An Amish mattress is everything you expect in modern comfort, but it is handcrafted with old-fashioned care and precision. Many people think Amish-made and immediately think of the 1800s. However, this does not mean that these mattresses are filled with horsehair, feathers, or corn husks. While the Amish preserve the values of a bygone era, this does not mean they completely shun valuable technology when it comes to craftsmanship. 
Our Amish mattresses are made to provide the maximum comfort you expect, but with the care and attention to detail, you will only get from a handcrafted mattress. You won’t have to worry about quality. The Amish are meticulous with the creation of their mattresses. Every stitch is completed with a sense of pride and integrity. 

What Goes Into Making an Amish Mattress? 

Foams: Premium, high-density foam is used in all our foam and hybrid Amish mattresses. High-density foam helps maintain the long-lasting comfort and quality of your mattress.   
Visco foam is memory foam developed by Nasa and has a cooling technology, sleeping two degrees cooler than other memory foam.   
Latex foam is another foam used in our Amish mattresses. Latex has a life span of 20-25 years and is a natural dust mite deterrent. Latex breathes well and generally provides a cooler sleeping experience.     
Innersprings: The innerspring used in our Amish mattresses are made from recycled domestic steel and are heavy-duty. This helps with eliminating overall motion transfer.   
Pocketed Coils: Pocketed coils are individually wrapped in fabric and operate independently. This means each coil can flex and conform to individual body types providing maximum comfort and support.    
Edge Support: Many people often sit on the edge of their mattresses, so we use Edge Guard technology in our Amish mattresses. Edge Guard technology helps eliminate collapsed or broken edges.   
Center Support: While properly supporting the edge of your mattress is essential, so is supporting the center. Humans naturally carry most of their weight at the center of their bodies, so the center third of your mattress will also need additional support. We use Ring Flex technology in the center of our mattresses to provide additional support and help prevent body impressions.   

What is an Amish Bed Without an Amish Mattress? 

An Amish mattress is the perfect complement to your Amish-made bed. Is your bed really an Amish bed without an Amish mattress? We want you to have the full Amish furniture experience.

Different Types of Amish Mattresses 

There are three types of Amish Mattresses, each having different benefits and comfort levels - Foam, Innerspring Pocketed Coil, and Hybrid.  
Foam Amish mattresses are handcrafted without any springs, coils, or steel. Foam Amish mattresses contain three inches of Visco layered on a high-density foam to ensure proper support with a soft feel and give in all the right places. Foam Amish mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, do not flip, and can be used on platform beds or on a box spring. They also have zippered covers, meaning you can take them off to machine-wash as needed. Foam Amish mattresses provide the highest level of body conformity.  
Our innerspring pocketed coil Amish mattresses are designed using recycled domestic steel made into thirteen gauge innerspring and individually pocketed coils. The innerspring runs lengthwise through the mattress to eliminate motion transfer, while the pocketed coils are positioned in areas where the highest level of support is necessary. Parts of the mattress that need more support include the center third of the mattress and along the edges. Individually pocketed coils move independently, allowing them to conform to each individual body type and provide you with a personalized comfort level.  
Hybrid Amish mattresses are mattresses that use both innerspring and pocketed coils as well as foams. Hybrid Amish mattresses are great for those who don’t want all foam but need the additional body-conformity foam offers.  

Should I Buy a Double-Sided Amish Mattress? 

While not all Amish Mattresses are designed to be double-sided, some of ours are! There are many benefits to a double-sided mattress. Double-sided mattresses tend to last longer than single-sided mattresses. Since double-sided mattresses can be flipped, you can use both sides of the mattress. They maintain their feel over time much longer than single-sided.

Flipping your Amish Mattress every few months will also help extend the life of the mattress, making them cost-effective. The Amish double-sided mattresses also are better at evenly distributing weight and can be more comfortable for those who may toss and turn at night. While there is value in purchasing double-sided Amish Mattresses, not all mattress types can be crafted double-sided. 

How Important is Coil Count to an Amish Mattress?  

While there is no determining minimum coil count in a mattress, our Amish mattresses have high coil counts to ensure they have the proper support necessary and are built to last. The individually pocketed coils in our Amish mattresses are positioned specifically in the comfort zones of the mattress. This ensures superior support for your hips, back, and shoulders and extends the life of your mattress. Individually pocketed coils line the edges of the mattress in two rows, giving additional edge support to prevent sagging as you swing your feet off the bed after a good night's sleep. 

Do I need a Box Spring?  

A box spring can be used with all our Amish Mattresses, and we offer those as an option when selecting your mattress with DutchCrafters. Our box springs come in two heights: the standard 8" box spring and the low profile 5" box spring. Our box springs are also Amish-made using steel by Leggett and Platt. Having the proper foundation under your mattress plays a huge part in the life span of your mattress.  
It is not recommended that you put a new mattress on an old box spring. Examples of proper mattress foundations include platform beds with slats 2" apart or less, a storage bed, a box spring, and an adjustable base. 

Are DutchCrafters Amish Mattresses Compatible with Adjustable Bases?  

Yes! Many of our Amish Mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. Our Hybrid, Pocketed Coil, and Foam mattresses are all adjustable base friendly, while our innerspring mattresses will not work with adjustable bases. Our adjustable base, the Amish Adjustable Base is the perfect addition to your Amish Mattress Purchase. 

Free Shipping for all Amish Mattresses!

We don’t charge additional or surprise fees to ship these mattresses from the Amish heartland straight to your home. 

Made in the USA!

At DutchCrafters, we bring home furnishings straight from Amish country to your home. Our products are made in the USA, right in the heart of Amish country by real Amish craftsmen.