Think aspen wood furniture and think rustic and natural. Aspen wood is a popular choice for log cabin style furniture with its natural look and easy workability. Plentiful and full of purpose, aspen wood is used for a range of things from furniture to doors to matchsticks.

Within a log cabin full of white and light brown,
Is where soft aspen wood is sure to be found,
With its rustic look and splinter free nature,
Did you know it’s also used in matches and paper?

The Rustic Look of Aspen Wood Furniture

Aspen wood features shades of white, blond and light brown. Aspen is primarily made up of sapwood (the outer portion of the tree log). This area features light cream and white colors and just a bit of the smaller heartwood area (the center portion of the tree log) that adds some light brown shades. Sapwood and heartwood blend in aspen wood for a delightful mix of white and light brown. The wood often displays streaks and discolorations, which add to the rustic character of aspen.

Samples of Stain Finishes on Aspen

Varnish adds a strong layer of protection to Aspen and can allow the natural blending of colors to show. Aspen wood takes paints and stains well.

Aspen Wood with 5190 Stain with Varnish

5190 with Varnish

Aspen Wood with SA Stain with Varnish

SA with Varnish

Aspen Wood with Sealy Stain with Varnish

Sealy with Varnish

Qualities of Aspen Wood

Aspen wood resists splitting, making it a good candidate to accept nails and screws. It glues well and works easily with hand tools because it is soft. Its strength and pliable nature make it easy to carve and shape. Its colors and character fit rustic style furniture.

Aspen is considered a “soft hardwood” that offers durability, yet is lighter and softer than other hard woods. It features a straight grain with a fine, uniform texture. Aspen wood does not splinter and is used in some children’s toys. It has low flammability too.

Quaking aspen has a Janka rating of 350. It’s a softer hardwood, but still a stable and strong wood for furniture.

Aspen wood characteristics example
Aspen wood color variations example
Aspen wood with carved patterns sample


Is Aspen A Good Wood for Furniture?

Aspen is a good wood for furniture that captures a rustic look. It will take stain and paint well, and it sands nicely too. While it accepts most stains well, it can be beneficial to use a sealer.

Aspen is a light wood, but still offers a good degree of durability. It’s not a wood good for bending and offers medium shock resistance. Working aspen wood with machines can create some “fuzzing” on the wood. Sharp tools are a must and can help ward off the fuzzy sheen. Extra sanding may be required for the smoothest look. Aspen’s streaks and color combinations make each piece of furniture unique. Adding a coat of varnish to aspen wood furniture can help maintain its colors and offer added protection.

In addition to furniture, here are other things aspen wood is used for:

  • Doors
  • Mouldings
  • Toys
  • Matchsticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Baskets and boxes
  • Cabinets
  • Crates
  • Paper
  • Tongue depressors

Aspen wood is not as flammable as other woods, making it a good candidate for matches. The fact that aspen doesn’t splinter explains why it’s used in children’s toys and tongue depressors. It’s even used for sauna interiors since it’s smooth to sit on!

Have You Heard the Sound of a Quaking Aspen Tree?

Aspen trees grow throughout the year, even during the winter, and they grow fast. They’re plentiful and grow throughout North America. The two most common species are the bigtooth aspen and the quaking aspen. The most popular is the quaking aspen. They are called “quaking aspen” because the slightest breeze causes the leaves of the tree to tremble or quake in the wind, making a rustling sound as they move.

The average height of aspen trees ranges from 40-60 feet high, but some can grow as tall as 100 feet. The trunks of aspen trees can span from 2 to 3 feet wide.

Aspen Wood Furniture at DutchCrafters

DutchCrafters offers a large collection of aspen wood furniture for every area of your home. Smooth seats for dining room, light brown shades for desks and rich rustic style for log beds and living room armchairs. As with all of our Amish furniture, our aspen wood furniture collection can be customized to create just the look you envision.

Affordable Aspen Wood

Aspen trees grow readily throughout North America. Their availability helps keep the cost of aspen wood down, making aspen wood furniture more affordable.

How to Care for Aspen Wood Furniture

There are no special instructions for the care of aspen wood furniture. Dusting it regularly with the right cleaner and polish are recommended. Most of our aspen wood furniture is available finished or unfinished and both look stunning. Adding a varnish can help preserve the look of aspen wood even longer.

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