Qualities of Hard Maple Furniture

Maple wood is a very durable and strong wood, grown primarily in the eastern United States. Because of its strength, it is used for a variety of products including pool cue shafts, baseball bats, bowling pins, bowling alley lanes, ballroom and gymnasium floors, and butcher’s blocks, as well as furniture. Maple is considered fairly easy to work with, both when working by hand or using machine tools. It has superb steam-bending properties.

Look of Hard Maple Furniture

Hard maple comes from the sapwood of the maple tree and has a uniform texture with a straight closed grain, though it may also include curls in the wood grain. Its natural color ranges from creamy white to a reddish tinge. Hard maple wood takes both stains and paints well, though stain colors will vary where the grain changes. Of course, this is part of the natural beauty of real wood, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Samples of Stain Finishes on Hard Maple

Hard maple is sometimes referred to as stain-grade maple because it takes stains so well and can appear very light with a natural stain to quite dark with a darker finish.

Hard maple with natural stain


Hard Maple with medium stain


Hard Maple with Michael's Cherry stain

Michael's Cherry

Hard Maple with Washington Stain


Hard Maple with Acres Stain


Hard Maple with Antique Slate Stain

Antique Slate

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